Easy prep ideas for a home party

Have you ever hosted a party that never got off the ground? If people don’t enjoy themselves at your party, you are left feeling embarrassed, and like you failed. Parties are meant to be fun, a place where people will enjoy themselves, create new bonds, and make new friends. There is more to planning a party than having great decorations and delicious food. If you are stuck, these tips will help you prep for your next home party.

1.      Have a specific purpose

Having a clear intention for your party makes it less a one-size-fit-all gathering that risks being bland. Before making any plans, ask yourself why you are gathering, every time you reach an answer, go deeper, and ask “why” again. This way, birthdays, graduation ceremonies, and christenings won’t be tied to tradition and fail to represent the person you are celebrating.

2.      Think about the space

Hosting a party at home is great because of the limited space. While it may be problematic if you have a lot of people coming, you can always make things easy by having everyone in the backyard. The intimacy of small spaces makes it easy for people to interact with those they would not have talked to had the party been held in a cavernous space. If your yard is huge, designate part of it for the party, so the area feels intimate or the energy and buzz will leak out.

3.      Make the event feel personal

From the invitations to the decorations, the party should feel personal and memorable. Make your friends get a feel of how the party will be by making them feel welcomed and well taken care of. If you are hosting graduation, christening, or birthday, remember to keep the party centered around celebrating the special person. For instance, have graduation shirts for family members with a personalized message that celebrates the grandaunt. Custom shirts keep the party personal, reminds everyone why they are here, and gives the grandaunt the special attention they deserve on their big day.

4.      Set the tone immediately people start arriving

It’s tempting to pay the least attention to the start and end of a party, but people tend to remember these moments the most. Start your party by welcoming people with a special toast or making them a special drink. For a graduation party, for instance, you can ask your guests to send in notes or photos of the best moment with the grandaunt. Have a special wall with all the notes and photos where everyone can share drinks and reminisce on the good old times.

5.      Have some ground rules

You are the glue that holds your guests together. Remember to have rules and keep order. If someone is dominating the dinner table, take back the conversation and steer it in a different direction, so everyone contributes.Hosting a party is not rocket science, but you can feel like it is if you don’t know how to liven things up. These tips will help you prep your party, make everyone feel welcomed, and end with memories to last a lifetime.