Chinese New Year DIY Ideas That Are So Easy

Are you getting ready and need some creative DIYs? Check the Chinese New Year DIY ideas that I want to share with you today. They are so easy and simple and will get you in the celebration spirit. If you plan your party, you should decorate it properly. And these ideas will help you with that.

Plus, they are kid-friendly and you can make them together with your children. You will have fun, plus some cheap decorations made with love. So, let’s check these ideas!

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DIY paper fortune cookies

These easy paper fortune cookies are an excellent addition to your party. Use colorful scrapbook paper for the best result.

You can find the complete instructions on how to fold the paper if you follow the link below the photo.


Drum crafts DIY


Cherry flower print


DIY dragon


DIY Chinese lantern

Upcycling old jar is a huge hit. Now, you can make a pretty lantern with an old jar, without costing you money. Check the link to the whole tutorial to see how they have done this DIY project.


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