Planning the Extravaganza

Are you considering hosting a fancy dress party any time soon?  If you are, have you thought about making it a Masquerade Party?  These are a tried and tested formula for success; due largely to sheer extravagance and opulence associated with this time honored tradition.  Who hasn’t seen at some time in their life a movie based in Venice when Masquerades were hugely popular; or better yet experienced the fun and excitement of actually attending a Masquerade Party or Ball?  Those amazing costumes are enough to make one swoon! Glorious rich velvet and satin gowns, bedecked with jewels and braiding, hair piled high in complex styles, full length gloves, lace, bows, frills – the list is endless.  And that is just for the women. Men’s costumes are also extravagant and oh so stylish! Breeches and long jackets, frilled shirt ruffles and cuffs and exotic vests in all manner of colors abound to truly fuel your imagination.  


Of course, let’s not forget the most recognizable accessory for one such superb occasion – the mask.  The mask can make or break your costume so you will want one that is good quality, authentic in design and that fits comfortably so you can dance the night away until your heart’s content while still wearing your beautiful mask.  You will find a veritable treasure trove of gorgeous (and intriguing) masquerade masks right here at – you need look no further.  This company has really cornered the market in mask magnificence with its indulgent and often outrageous designs on offer.

Some masks sparkle with glitter and crystals in all the most seductive colors; while others have a darker energy about them in black leather or the ever popular and infamous Phantom of the Opera mask.  These sophisticated beauties also come in party look half face masks of metal filigree with tear drop crystals or mosaics in bright blue, green, gold and orange.  For those of you, who prefer a subtler look, try the small, simple, yet stunning black leather mask – understated and very sexy!  

Now if you have a sizable budget and you really want to impress, don’t just stop at the costume.  Begin the experience with personalised invites and RSVPs – choose a rich deep color and glitz it up with crystals and glitter with gold or silver writing.  Choose thick satin finish envelopes in a rich crème or gold color and which weigh more than your average electricity bill.  You will have your guests tossing the rest of the mail aside once they spot these in the post. You can also delight your guests with a masquerade menu.  Make sure that it sizzles with interest and is mouth watering to read. Bubbles and colored cocktails in dainty glasses are a must. You can consider hiring a marquee with candelabra and table centrepieces with feathers and masks and why not add some colored lighting and drape tulle or organza bolts of fabric from the ceiling?  Once you begin you will fall in love with planning this extravaganza. Your guests will love that the masquerade theme has extended right through to every last detail and ensure your masquerade party is a roaring success. Amusez-vous mes chéris!