It’s Festive Time! Let’s Cherish It With Some Delicious Beef Platters

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is here! This season is all about shopping, discounts, Christmas cards with family pictures and greetings. However, above all, it is that time of the year that you get to spend with friends and family while watching your favorite movies, playing cards, and the best part – having your favorite food. 

Whether you are the one hosting a holiday dinner or just bringing a dish to the party, choosing what pleases everyone is important. But, planning a menu each year gets more challenging. To your luck, this year we are here to assist you. Here we are giving away everything necessary to help you prepare your celebration menu. So, if you want to cherish the festive time with friends and family, how about you choose healthy yet delicious beef recipes

Before we proceed to the recipes, let’s talk about the important details to check for before you buy the meat:

– Pick organic meat, from animals raised in the open air.

– Choose to buy meat from local and clean Australian farms, which is well known for its quality and enjoyed in more than 100 countries around the world.

– It’s a good idea to buy meat from butcher’s shop rather than buying beef at a supermarket with old and packaged boxes that may not have the freshest product.

– Watch out for black and grey edges as they are signs of poor storage standards. 

– Discard any meat that has pink-coloured water in the storage containers as this indicates water in the meat.

As far as other ingredients are concerned, make sure the vegetable and spices you use are fresh as that could make all the difference in the nutritional value as well as the deliciousness of the dish. Here are some mouth-watering and heart-warming suggestions for you: 

Beef brisket with onions: 

This a true classic that is loved by everyone starting from kids to the elderly. A brisket recipe with no-frills and just sweet caramelised onions exudes richness with its deep flavors.  This juicy succulent meat dish with lots of onions is a crowd-pleaser that can make a holiday evening with family special and memorable. A great tip will be to buy a brisket that is not too lean as this will make the dish too dry.

Cranberry balsamic roast beef:  

Roast beef and holiday dinners are almost synonymous. Beef is also a big portion serve that caters to bigger gatherings well. So, this holiday dinner, you could impress your friends and family with scrumptious classic flavours of balsamic coupled with the tangy twist of a luscious Cranberry Sauce. The sauce can be made and refrigerated in advance to ensure the dinner date goes easy for you. Click here for the full recipe.

Beef Wellington: 

Beef Wellington is a grand entrée dish, which makes up for a perfect royal dinner. This is an elaborate dish that can showcase your amazing cooking skills. Beef Wellington is an ultimate combination of a sautéed mince of mushrooms, shallots, and herbs that are wrapped in a beautiful golden pastry. When served in velvety Madeira sauce, it elevates the flavors of the ever so loved Beef wellington.

Mulled wine and beef casserole:  

Another family classic that is comforting yet chic for a warm holiday evening. Slow-cooked chunks of beef that are so well-cooked that they melt as soon as they are touched. The rich tomato-based gravy with German mulled wine works in perfect harmony with aromatics like cinnamon, ginger and allspice.

Prosciutto wrapped beef with pesto:  

Add the boldness of Italian flavors onto the festive table. Much like beef wellington, this dish too preserves the beef fillet but in umami flavors of the Prosciutto. Impress your guests with this basil-topped, pesto-filled beef recipe that is simply irresistible.

Hope this article has helped you pick on a few great beef recipes for the holidays! Happy festivities!