Why The Decor Matters In The Office: 4 Ways To Improve

You may not think the design of your office really matters much. Just put in a few plants, modern furniture and call it a day.

The reality is that it matters quite a bit. Even if you don’t have any clients coming to your offices, it pays to have a well thought out design for your office. It actually will pay dividends you’ve never realized before.


Employees will be happier and feel like they have better mental health when working in an office with nice decor. You don’t have to go all out and do a complete redesign, but incorporating certain elements will definitely go a long way.

In this article, we will go over some ways that you can improve staff productivity and morale with some simple decor changes.

Use some water

Bringing in wall water features is one of the easiest and effective ways to make your office a much nicer place to work. The sound of water is a great way to clear the mind of stress and promote calmness.

A wall mounted waterfall will create a soothing effect with the sound of the running water. Workers will be able to block out distracting noises of the office and focus on just the sound of the water. This will help them be more productive and less stressed.

Even small tabletop water fountains around the office will make a difference.

Lots of natural light

Many people feel like they are trapped when they are in an office. Usually it’s because there is not much light from the outside coming in. A glass interior will allow lots of light to come in and dramatically improve your employees mood. 

Being able to see outside also lets them know what time of day it is. When you lose track of time because you can’t see any sunlight, it feels like you are working much longer.

Good lighting

If you can’t do anything about the windows, then at least put good lighting in the office. Fluorescent light that is common in most offices is a real mood killer. It gives some people headaches, leads to eye fatigue and in some cases disrupts their sleep patterns. 

Not everybody is sensitive to it, but enough people are that it is a good idea to avoid fluorescent lights in the office. Stick to daylight mimicking lights that are much softer and less harsh on the eyes.

Use colors

All white offices are not very warm and colors are known to affect mood. You don’t have to go and paint the entire office, but use some accents with some colors to break up the monotony.

Blue accents will not only improve the mood of the office, but it also promotes productivity. It represents communication, and efficiency besides being nice to look at. Use artwork with lots of blue and furniture like couches and some chairs around. 

When you implement these design ideas, you will see a big difference in the mood of the office.