Tips for Creating a Garden for Wellbeing

When we grow gardens, we participate in nature and because we are a part of nature, the practice can help to rebalance us in countless ways. We have all felt that sense of wellbeing after having spent time in nature. By creating a space where one can reconnect with nature, we have found an amazing way to heal our minds, bodies and spirits and is also a way to heal our planet too. Even though many homeowners dream of the perfect nature retreat, not everyone is entirely skilled when it comes to growing plants and ensuring they are able to thrive. If you are among the many who do not have green thumbs, it would be worth your while to consider the following top tips and delve into additional details regarding the specific types of plants and flowers that would be able to thrive in your region. 

Spending time in nature puts the mind into a similar state to meditation, so naturally, your mind would calm down, reducing worry, obsessive/intrusive thoughts and overthinking. In turn, your senses are awakened which brings you to the present moment, which is most effective at reducing overall stress. So how do we get the most out of our garden to maximize it’s wellbeing benefits? 

Soften the Edges

Try to avoid straight and square geometric patterns in your planting and landscaping planning. Straight, direct paths can make a person feel forced to go from here to there; but organic, natural forms are easier on the eyes and senses. Meandering pathways and softer edges are more conducive to feelings of wellbeing and make for a more comfortable experience. A wellbeing-enhanced garden would let a person wander through at their own pace. By straying from modern sharp edge landscaping designs, you will also find general garden maintenance far less tedious as you won’t constantly be struggling to encourage your plants and lawn to appear less natural. However, you will still need to dedicate yourself to maintaining your initial efforts as a garden can fast become an overgrown jungle when trimming, weeding, and mowing is neglected. 

Bring in Some Water

Without fail, the focal point of a garden is water. It can be used in a huge variety of ways. You can bring it in beautifully by investing in a water fountain for your garden.  This offers a constant therapeutic white noise. A still body of water also looks beautiful, but you would have to take steps to prevent stagnancy. As still water is sometimes used to create mirror effects to open up spaces and works well in small pots. Running water blocks out other stressful noise like traffic and also serves as a sensory cue to remind you of being outdoors in nature.

Create Space to Sit in the Garden

Creating a place within your garden from where to enjoy its beauty and peace is really important. Its a place you can go to at a moment’s notice and can leave behind all the distractions of your phone and any other gizmos and gadgets that cause you stress. Have a sitting place amongst the plants, because standing isn’t quite as relaxing and would make you go inside again sooner. It can be your little hideaway. Here’s an extra tip: plant aromatic herbs and enjoy your hideaway at dusk, when the essential oils are at their strongest and their medicinal benefits are more abundant. You could even consider adding a few colourful floor cushions to enhance the comfort of your peaceful space without straying from an organic aesthetic appeal. Alternatively, wooden stools or even cut tree stumps will be a perfect solution for seating as well.

Gardening For Peace Of Mind

If you have a garden, why not get the absolute most out of it to maximize your mental and physical wellbeing? These days we don’t take the time to just be still in nature. We are all taken over by our screens and calendars. How about lying on your back, looking up through the trees at the clouds, listening to water softly running and allowing ourselves to heal now and then? Even if you find yourself contemplating whether or not the initial effort truly will pay off when it comes to your general wellbeing, the sheer bliss a peaceful garden area is able to provide is ultimately priceless. You may even later discover that your garden has gradually become your favourite place in your home as your personal retreat to nature that you can enjoy whenever you have the time.