Why Take Risk Of Stumbling Over Wires? 5 Ways To Get Rid Of It

With so many cables littering our workspaces, we risk falling and injuring ourselves regularly. If we have small children and the elderly in our families, then these cables no longer remain as mere irritants; they turn into hazards. Broken bones of young children and elderlies take a long time to heal. In some cases, unattended cables may even lead to fatalities. We have listed some of the simple tips to keep ourselves from tumbling. Please scroll down this article to read more on this subject. 

1. Fix lighting

The most obvious way to stop ourselves from stumbling is to fix our light. If there are several wires and cables bunched together in one corner of your room, and that room is dark, it is time to have some light bulbs there. The need for well-lit rooms becomes more important when you have kids and elderly in your home. However, lighting your room or rooms is just a small way of making your home clutter-free. There are more practical ways to make your home ‘wire-less’. 

2. Make your wires ‘invisible’

This means not littering your house or room with wires at all. If you have lots of equipment like TV, printers, peripherals, etc., you are going to end up with a lot of cables as well. Make these wires ‘invisible’ by following one of these tactics:

  • Bunch all your wires together in a big hollow tube so that your room becomes clutter-free. This tube may be bought as a cable-cover and is used by many offices, and households to keep their rooms tidy, and well organized. You can buy high-quality cable covers from some of the well-known companies. To know more about these companies you can open the browser and visit webiste of professionals. These companies also share informative videos on their websites on how to use cable covers.
  • You can drill a channel in your room that carries all the wires together. The disadvantage of this tactic is that you are likely to re-drill or dig this channel later as your requirements change. 

3. Hooking all your wires together

This is a slight variation of 2(a) listed above. In this tactic, you fix hooks or anchors on the backsides of your chairs, sofa, and other furniture. Much like the telegraph wires that are strung on our streets, you can string up your cables and wires in these hooks and anchors. This way, you don’t have to drill channels or holes in your floor or walls to carry your wires. These anchors can be fixed either by driving screws through their bases or by simply sticking the former to the furniture by a glue. 

4. Use your drawers imaginatively

We have drawers in our rooms that keep our books and other objects. However, you can use these boxes more imaginatively. For example, we can use just one drawer or several of them to hold several pieces of equipment together. This way, there would be very few cables lying around, thereby reducing the chances of stumbling

And to do this, drill a hole in your biggest drawer, and pull in all the cables together. If that drawer has several sub-drawers, drill holes in their sides as well. This way, you have space for your various equipment, and you also don’t litter your floor with cables. 

5. Go wireless

Lastly, you can minimize your need for wires by going wireless. These days, you have laptops and mobile phones that don’t require too much cabling. While they would still need power chords for charging, these devices can always be connected by Bluetooth or NFC technology.