Modern, cost-effective places to live and work abroad

You never know when your career may indeed become boring, and a need to run away from the 9-5 routine may be inevitable. Or maybe, you just saved enough money to start your own business. It is not something out of the ordinary to quit your work, pack everything, and decide to start a new life with the rest of your family in some foreign country. The best thing about it is that you’ll not need to hunt for a house for too long because companies like Movoto have homes in almost all parts of Europe and America listed for sale. Moreover, these houses have varying prices with different designs, so scoring a perfect one shouldn’t actually be an issue.  

If that has been your end game plan since youthful days, you shouldn’t develop cold feet at this stage because you’ll not be the first one doing it. Others have actually moved to foreign countries, only to realize that their luck was buried there, and now they are wealthy millionaires. And wouldn’t you want your children to grow differently?

So, what are the modern, cost-effective places to move to and work from there? Depending on cultural and aesthetic preferences, you can choose from the following places:

  • Dominican Republic

When you consider the whole of Latin American countries, you’ll realize that the Dominican Republic is one of the states with a stable economic growth thanks to political stability in the region. And if you want to stay here, then you need to consider moving to Santo Domingo, which is one of the oldest European-founded cities in Latin America. Lifestyle in the city is simple but busy and can also be the perfect place to invest in the tourism sector because it is a leading international tourist destination site.

  • Columbia

When it comes to Columbia, MedellĂ­n and Cali go hand in hand when it comes to foreigners’ destinations thanks to their stable economy. However, rental rates have significantly dropped by around 25%-30% in Cali in the recent past, and that makes it the most favorable part.  The climate is also pleasant because the town is located at an altitude of about 3,300 feet above sea level. 

  • Slovenia

Slovenia is a young country, and so to speak, she attained her independence in the year 1991 and later joined in the EU in 2004. If you want the best modern place to stay in Slovenia, then that one has to be the capital city itself, Ljubljana. At Ljubljana, you’ll enjoy an exquisite combination of both the old charm of ancient Europe and the modern infrastructure. The cost of living isn’t that high, and this place can accommodate couples at the cost of less than $2500 a year.

  • France

If you are looking for a place that is peaceful and full of tranquility in Italy, then that has to be Saint-Chinian, one of the most preserved rural provinces in France. However, you must note that relocating to this place can be a little bit expensive because there are no flats; we mostly have farmhouses

You’ll also enjoy the best of locally aged wines because this place is widely known for vineyards plantation in hilly areas. Moreover, the people staying here are very friendly, and so you’ll not have a problem blending with the native community.

  • Italy

When you talk about Italy, what comes to your mind is the expensive clothing lines in the region and urban culture that is so keen on fashion trends. Well, that is true, but there are also places in Italy where life can be affordable and peaceful. For instance, Abruzzo is a region that comprises small historic towns that are on the verge of attracting investment. And so to speak, this is one of the wealthiest places in the whole of Italy and an indication that the region’s economy isn’t doing bad after all.

  • Indonesia

Have you thought about how your life would look like in a tropical island whose population is so reserved? Well, in other words, it means peace and tranquility in one place. Bali one of the most favorite tropical islands to be in not only in Indonesia but globally. In this area, you’ll find a population that is friendly and ready to interact with foreigners. As for the cost of living, the island can accommodate anyone because you can choose it from street hotels that offer local delicacies at an affordable price. If you love to live and spend big, there are also several white-glove restaurants to take care of you.

  • Vietnam

If you are looking for some vintage kind of city that will remind you of the good old days in the 60s, then that has to be Da Nang in Vietnam. Da Nang is the third-largest city in Vietnam and is known for its simplicity not only among the people living there but in the infrastructure too. For instance, the city is built on simple structures, unlike what most of you would expect; skyscrapers. Also, there are no hanging or swinging bridges to demonstrate meticulous engineering work.  At this city in Vietnam, a stay alone couple with maybe one kid or two will likely spend at most $1000 per month, which translates to cost-effectiveness and affordability, considering you are living abroad.

  • Mexico

Lastly, you can choose to go to Mexico. When you hear about Mexico, then suddenly powerful drug cartels come to your mind, but they are not everywhere. If you look around the whole country today, you’ll realize that one of the safest, modern, and affordable places to relocate to is Playa del Carmen. This small town was once a small fishing village, but that is fast changing thanks to the ever-growing population of foreigners in the area, who constitute up to 7% of the whole population. That way, at least you won’t feel odd or left out because there are other expats you can link with to show you around. The regional economy of the area is stable, and there are plenty of jobs to land, especially if you can speak and write English fluently. The lifestyle here is a beach life kind, and it isn’t expensive to maintain. There are around twelve supermarkets, and as a couple, you can spend like $1900 per month.