Roof Restoration: The Cost And Need Of Getting It For Your House

Home renovation on your mind? Renovating your home involves many aspects like woodwork, floors, tiles, paints, polishes, landscaping and much more. More often than not, many homeowners end up forgetting about the roof when it comes to home renovations. However, a timely restored roof not only enhances the street appeal of your property, but it also saves you from the huge costs you might have to pay for replacing the roof.

With time, roofs bear a lot of wear and tear, and gradually they might need a restoration. This process involves brushing, scrubbing, restoring and repairing the roof’s existing elements to make it look fully functional while looking brand new. To know the process details read more here. Here are some signs that could tell you it’s time to restore the roof:

  1. Age of the roof:
    If your roof hasn’t been touched for 20 to 25 years, it is a good time to have a detailed check. An inspection will help you assess the damage and the process further.
  2. Leaks:
    In most cases, this is the primary sign that your roof needs attention. Roof leaks might not always mean that you would see dripping down the roof, but there could be dark spots of decay or rot growing on your ceiling. One could also see transparent tracks of moisture on the ceiling.
  3. Corrosion:
    Rust marks are visible when there are water deposits around your roof’s fittings and fasteners. If you see any traces of corrosion such as peeling of paint or decaying wood, it’s time to call a roof restoration professional.
  1. Sagging:
    If you notice a visible dip or change in the shape of your roof, it is a sign that your roof rafters are in trouble.
  2. Mould:
    Mould is a health hazard, easy to spot due to its pungent smell and oozy look accompanied by dark stains on the roof.

Besides this doubtful deterioration and damages in the roof tiles, gutters, downpipes and roof shingles could be a few other signs that one must not ignore.

How does the roof restoration process work?

The process works differently for different home roofs. Majority of home roofs are metal roofs or tile roofs. Roof restoration for each kind of roof is a detailed process that requires the proper assessment and action from a team of experts. 

Metal roof restoration requires dealing with leaks with the help of metal sheets. For sealing the crevices, fixing a patch with the help of screws does the trick. Choosing the correct colour and material is critical as it affects the life and appearance of the roof. The process ends with a rustproof coating to avoid corrosion in the future. Tile roof restoration works by replacing and realigning all roof tiles. Roof tiles often get damaged because of weather, age and falling objects. The detailed process involves renovations such as

  • reworking on the ridge edges, 
  • mending and replacing destroyed, broken or chipped tiles,
  • anti-fungicide treatment to avoid rotting in the future.

Variable Costs:
Getting an inspection could get you a professional quote for your roof restoration. There are various factors the determine the cost of a roof restoration:

  • If it is metal or a tile roof.
  • The exact size of the roof.
  • The extent of the damage.
  • The amount of raw material required for the repairs.
  • Sustained water damage often costs more than regular repairs.
  • Individual or customized features on your roof.

So, if you are thinking about home renovation, do not ignore the roof. A clean and restored roof not only adds to the presentation of your house, but it also elevates your property’s value. If you see any signs that show towards roof restoration, contact a professional for inspection and quote today.