My Air Conditioner – A Quick Guide on How to Fix It

Is your air conditioner not working properly? Find out some of the most common issues in this guide.

Help! My AC Isn’t Working

Most problems homeowners face in regards to AC units is a lack of proper operation. If your AC is on, make sure you close the outside doors and your home’s windows.

Other problems that exist are due to poor service procedures, inadequate maintenance, or improper installation. Improper installation can lead to low airflow and leaky ducts. Most of the times, your refrigerant charger (how much refrigerant is in your cooling unit) doesn’t match the manufacturer’requirements.

If the right refrigerant charging isn’t performed during the installation stage, the efficiency and performance of that units reduced. Unqualified cooling services Vernon hills often forget to find the solution to these problems or make matters worse by adding a refrigerant to a full system.


Usually, air conditioner manufacturers create high quality, durable products. If your air conditioner is causing problems, start by checking any circuit breakers or fuses. Give the unit around 5 minutes to cool down before changing any breakers.

If the AC’s compressor stops on a humid, and hot day, start by checking the circuit breakers and fuses associated with the device. If the compressor is stopped on a hot day, perhaps the high-pressure limit switch was tripped; you can reset it by pressing the button that’s located near your compressor’s access panel.

Sensor Problems

Most room air conditioners have a thermostat sensor, located right behind the control panel, which measures the air temperature that comes in the evaporative coil. If your sensor is out of position, the air conditioner might behave erratically or cycle constantly.

The sensor needs to be near the coil, but shouldn’t touch it; try to adjust its position by bending the wire that keeps in place.

Make Sure the Issue Isn’t the Furnace

Start by turning on your thermostat to the AC mode and reduce the temperature setting. If your furnace fans kicks in, then the problem is in the furnace. If your fan doesn’t run, you should reset the furnace circuit breaker.

If the fan is unable to start, make sure to call a professional. If the fan is unable to start, then you’ll need to call a professional – the fixes here won’t work.

Next, you should check the outside condensing unit. The fan and compressor should be running. If not, you should follow the repair and troubleshooting procedures shown through here.

Caution: Make Sure to Turn Off the Power

Turn off the furnace breakers and the A/C in the electrical panel before removing your condensing unit’s access panel and before pulling it’s outdoor connect. Then, you should use a voltage tester on wires coming in your contact to ensure that the power is fully off.


Basically, there are cooling services Vernon hills that can help you fix your air conditioner within 1-5 days. When doing it on your own, you’ll have to take time to follow the steps to install it properly. Thus, make sure that your AC unit is running correctly so you can continue to enjoy cool air in your home!