Laminate Flooring for Your Bathrooms: Pros and Cons

The bathroom is the most important room in the house, and not just for the obvious reasons. Did you know that the average person spends at least a year and a half of their life in that bathroom?  I know some of us spend at least double that time though. Bathrooms are considered to be the safe space most of us usually start and end the day in, for so many reasons- taking the time to think about the decoration of the bathroom is not a bad idea.

Start remodeling your bathroom aesthetics by having bathroom laminate flooring on your bathroom floor, as many will argue that the most underrated piece that can make or break your bathroom design is the floor. A lot of bathroom flooring options have announced themselves nowadays due to modern engineering and technologies.

Weigh Your Options

Having a highly-durable bathroom floor is almost essential and not just for the warm, stylish sense it adds to your bathroom. Laminate flooring was presented when people resorted to an alternative from the usual options such as hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is a nightmare to install, expensive, and outdated. Still, laminate flooring has its own pros and cons.

Let’s take a detailed look on them before taking any decision.


  • Placing laminate flooring is a lot easier than the traditional hardwood flooring as we explained, even with the old types of laminate flooring that needed glue or adhesive. The more updated types don’t need glue, it’s more of a puzzle with a fold and lock/ click and lock layout. Not only it’s easy, but it can also be installed on any kind of surface you have as well.
  • The average lifetime of laminated floors is much longer than the usual hardwood flooring; wearing is not easily apparent on it, even if it’s under heavy use; cleaning it is very easy with just a couple household items, in comparison with the oily and manual cleaning usually done on the hardwood.
  • It is easy to make laminated bathroom floors look like a different material, making it very versatile in terms of decorating your bathroom.
  • Having laminate flooring saves the time you spend worrying about how your bathroom floor might lose its luster. You don’t have to wax laminate flooring to keep it clean and shiny, a damp mop and a broom and you are set.
  • High-durability against the occasional dents and scratches.


  • It may not be much, but the sound laminated floors produce when being walked on isn’t favorable to some people, it may sound like a muffled or hollowed out material. Extra preparations have to be done, like adding an extra layer if this is an issue for you.
  • One of the worst disadvantages of laminate flooring is that it cannot be refinished, if any piece gets damaged, it has to be replaced.
  • Some types are slippery when wet, you can avoid that simply by adding a rug to your bathroom. Originally, you can pick laminate flooring from the many options available in the market, that comes with a slipping-resistant feature.

What’s so special about water-resistant laminate flooring?

  • Floors get wet all the time, especially if you have children in the house. Any pools of water or fluids can cause the laminated floors to swell and start morphing out of proportion. You will have to have great timing and awareness to save your floor from getting damaged in cases of fluid spilled. Water-resistant flooring is the best way to prevent such mishaps from happening in the first place instead of gambling your floor’s life expectancy on your timing.
  • The aesthetic qualities of water-resistant flooring are not to be ignored, not only does it look good, but also lowers the frequency of maintenance needed and increases its durability. It prevents the early signs of wear and tears from showing up.
  • Bathroom laminate flooring is very cost-effective by increasing the sustainability and ease of maintenance, in the long run, water-resistant flooring turns out to be cheaper when maintenance costs are taken into consideration.

Choose The Perfect Option for You

Following the trends in patterns, textures, and designs in bathroom flooring can add a modern stylish look to your bathroom; taking into consideration your budget, your needs and choosing what’s best for you and your family is considered even better. Adding your personal touch, your time, and effort before making your decision can do wonders into turning your house into your favorite oasis. Laminate bathroom flooring is considered by a lot of people not more than decoration, yet, it adds value to your bathroom and house.