10 Best Car Buying Tips

The best way to go about buying a car is to be prepared for anything and to always do your research. There are various things that you should know and look for before going car shopping. Here are the ten best car buying tips that will ensure your car-buying experience will be successful!

1. Make a Checklist

One way to know what types of vehicles are suitable for your needs is to make a checklist before you start looking. Include things like space for your family, pets, and even groceries on your list. A lot of people set out to buy a small family vehicle and begin their family only to realize that their stroller won’t fit in the trunk of their current vehicle. Don’t be that person, plan ahead!

2. Research Common Vehicle Specific Repairs

Just like with dog breeds, there are specific repairs that each make and model have in common. There’s no guarantee that the issue will arise in your vehicle, but nevertheless, you don’t want a vehicle that is known for having transmission problems. You’ll be stuck with large bills and lose money in the end. Research common problems that may occur in the type of vehicle you’re interested in.

3. Check Out Safety Ratings

Safety ratings are important. You don’t want to buy a vehicle only to find out that the body won’t hold up in an accident. Each vehicle has a safety rating, you can do a simple online search and find out how safe your potential vehicle is.

4. Don’t Impulse Buy

When you’ve found a vehicle you like, your first instinct is to put down a payment. Don’t impulsively buy, there may be other vehicles out there that are sturdier and are better priced than the vehicle in question. For instance, you may be interested in buying a Subaru. Some dealerships may offer new Subaru specials that you’re unaware of and you’ll miss out on the savings if you buy impulsively.

5. Verify Pricing

There are a lot of dealerships out there that have higher pricing schemes. The way to get around this is to know the value of the vehicle being sold. Research the vehicle and verify that the price range matches that of other dealerships.

6. Check Out Online Auctions

Online auctions are great for saving money. You can look for the exact vehicle you want in an online auction. You can even buy a car from a car auction in Nigeria and have it shipped anywhere in the world! Don’t compromise on what you want, car auctions allow you to make bids on new and used cars that will save you time and money.

7. Compare World Wide Pricing

You can compare worldwide pricing by checking out online auctions. Vehicles are priced differently across the globe and your dollar may be worth more to another country which would make your car buying experience less expensive!

8. Have Your Mechanic Overlook Your New Vehicle

If you’re buying your vehicle from a dealer or just someone you met online, you should have your mechanic look at the vehicle before finalizing the sale.

9. Get Repair Estimates

If a vehicle is listed and the owner or dealer is upfront about the issues, call around and see what it will cost to repair before you buy it.

10. Shop Around For Insurance Before You Buy

Buying a car is expensive but monthly insurance rates can skyrocket if you buy certain vehicles or even just a vehicle that is red. Before finalizing your purchase get an insurance quote!
The best way to find the vehicle you want at the price you’d like is to check out online auctions. Even with potential shipping costs, it may be cheaper to buy your vehicle online. Consider buying from different countries and take advantage of exchange rates. You won’t be disappointed when you drive your family around in your safe vehicle, knowing you saved money in the process.