A Guide for Picking the Water Heaters for Your Home

Hot water is undoubtedly part of your everyday life. Whether it is dishwashing, showering or cloth washing, you need hot water for the purpose. As such, you need a good quality water heater to ensure uninterrupted supply of heated water as and when you need. Taking into account the varied needs of homeowners, many reputed brands such as 1st Choice Hot Water system provide a range of water heaters to suit your needs. While this gives you an opportunity to explore a wide variety of heaters, it also makes your choice difficult.

You could get rid of the tedious task of selection by following this handy guide:

Storage tank or tankless heater

Basically, you will come across two types of heaters – tankless and storage tank models. While models with storage tanks have been widely used, they come with certain drawbacks. They consume too much energy and eat up a lot of space. However, you get hot water quickly, even during immediate power outage. A tankless model, on the other hand, presents numerous benefits. First of all, it doesn’t occupy too much space. Secondly, it is highly energy efficient as it only consumes energy when you heat water for particular purposes.

Energy efficiency rating

Modern homeowners know the importance of energy conservation, and look for products that can save energy. Manufacturers are well aware of this point and offer a range of heaters to suit the needs of different types of consumers. You may want to check the energy efficiency rating of different heaters and find an ideal model that saves energy as well as money on energy bills each month.


Obviously, you don’t wish to expend a lot of money on owning a quality heater. So make a handy list of brands that sell heaters at affordable prices. Also, check out deals and discount sites that provide quality products at discounted rates. You might be able to bag the most affordable deal while owning a high quality model for heating water.


As with any other product, make certain that the product you are buying will last longer. You may want to ensure that the heater will stand the test of time and weather conditions. Never choose a product that will break or damage too early. Instead, look for products that are highly rated for durability and longevity.


Like any product, heaters are subject to normal wear and tear. It is also possible that the heater you bought is not working properly. In such situations, you may not be willing to shell out some money on repairs. It is best to buy a product that comes with some kind of warranty. This will ensure you can have the heater serviced for minor repairs within the warranty period.

Choosing a water heater warrants making a balance between space, affordability, durability and energy efficiency. With an ideal balance, you can use a good quality product that will last for years. Just be sure you check out the above points when shopping, and you could have your hands on the best heater for your home.