6 Authentic Sushi Delights That Can Make Your Dinner Amazing

There’s no doubt that many of us are in love with sushi. Today, sushi is one of the most popular food all over the world, especially in Australia. Between July 2009 and June 2014, the proportion of Australians who say they like eating sushi has grown from 36% to 40%. 

Sushi is believed to have originated in Asian countries. Chefs in Japan have been creating different types of sushi that keeps people coming back for more. There are live Sushi restaurants, where the chef showcases his sushi-making skills while the others are fully automated sushi restaurants where a Sushi Machine rolls your sushi. You could buy one for home too!

Why do people all over the world love sushi?

  1. It always looks beautiful.
  2. It never seizes to surprise you.
  3. It is readily and easily available.
  4. Sushi is healthy.
  5. Made for vegans too.
  6. It’s unique in so many ways.
  7. It can be easily made at home too

Here are some of the most popular and loved kinds of sushi all over the world, especially in Australia:

  • Japanese Bagel Roll- The Japanese Bagel Roll is a modern sushi recipe that is getting very popular with Australians. This roll is the simplest and most basic type of sushi. The ingredients of this popular sushi recipe are sticky sushi rice, nori, cream cheese, smoked salmon, and fine-sliced scallions.
  • Salmon Roll- Salmon is one of the most popular raw, smoked, and cured fish. This popular sushi roll made with salmon and cream cheese was born in Philadelphia. Popular ingredients that are used to variate this roll are cucumber and avocado. 
  • Tuna Roll- Created for the first time in the 1970s, the tuna roll is still a hot favorite with the lovers of healthy food. In its base form, the tuna sushi is made with raw tuna and mayonnaise. However, the most loved form of this role is the spicy tuna roll. The spicy tuna roll tingles the tongue with the hot flavors of the spicy mayo. The reason why this version of tuna roll is very popular is the perfect balance between the sweetness of the tuna and the sharpness of the spicy mayo. Besides the distinct flavor, the spicy mayo also conceals the strong raw smell of the tuna. 

Vegetarian versions of Sushi rolls- Did you always think that sushi was just about the fish? 


Many of us do, but this is not true. There are plentiful varieties of vegetarian sushi. Some of the most loved ones are listed here

  • Avocado Sushi Roll- Avocado is loved by vegans and protein lovers. hence, it makes a wonderful substitute for fish. The freshness and mushiness of Avocado resemble that of a Tuna fish. This roll is very simple, but it tastes incredible. 
  • Cucumber Sushi Roll- Cucumber is a great ingredient for sushi and is used to make two kinds of sushi. Traditional cucumber rolls- These are one-bite rolls made with English cucumber, which adds the crunchy and light properties of fish sushi to the vegetarian one. Wrapped in rice and nori they make a delightful couple with a cooling green tea. The real cucumber rolls- What may look like nori wrapped sushi, in this case, are the rings of crispy cucumber scooped out in the middle and stuffed with vinegar-treated veggies. They are perfect for those who are watching their diet.
  • Asparagus Roll- With this roll, a crunchy and mildly blanched asparagus makes a light and springy maki roll. The distinct and distinguishable taste of asparagus coupled with sweet mayonnaise makes a dynamite pairing. 

Sushi is not just a great restaurant dish, but it can also be made easily at home. All the above-mentioned recipes would help you make amazing dinner sushi if you are “fishing” for compliments! Sushi and fishing, get it?