How to Sleep Easy in Your New Home

Buying a new home can certainly be exciting, but moving into a different place can sometimes disrupt your sleep schedule, especially if you haven’t started decorating yet. If you are having trouble sleeping in your new home, then keep on reading! We are going to be discussing some tips and tricks that might just help. Let’s get started!

Change the color scheme

If you’ve moved into a new home, you might not have got around to painting anything. While it might seem a little bit trivial, our body can respond differently to different colors. 

Certain shades such as creams, greys, blues, and pastels are considered more “relaxing” than say, bright red, orange, or other vibrant colors. Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint might just be the change that you need to get back into your regular schedule.

Get rid of the old bedding

Old, worn, and hard bedding can be the number one cause of struggling to sleep at night, and can also lead to a range of issues, such as back and neck pain. If you’ve had your current bed for a while, it can definitely worth upgrading to something like this adjustable bed base. With high-quality materials, you can elevate yourself and enjoy a beautiful head and foot massage. It’s a luxury investment you’ll definitely want to make.

Make it cozy

Have you ever stayed in a fancy hotel and not been able to sleep? This may be because of the lack of personalization in the area. The same thing applies to a new home, especially if you haven’t fully unpacked yet. 

To make the space cozier, try and add photographs and other personal items so that it feels more ‘like home.’ You might also add some different textures, such as fuzzy blankets and rugs, to give the room a bit of warmth. Check out the cozy bedroom ideas if you need some more inspiration!

Block out unnecessary sound

Another common reason why some individuals struggle to sleep at night is because of certain sounds. If you have moved to an area with loud neighbors or heavy traffic, it might be keeping you awake. One solution is to try a white noise machine that can emit different sounds to block out the distracting ones. A set of sleep headphones can also be beneficial if you enjoy sleeping to music or podcasts. Or, if you are after something a little more traditional, a good set of earplugs might help!

Follow your usual routine

While you are settling into a new home, you might accidentally get yourself in a different routine. It could be that you are staying up late to unpack boxes or sleeping early because you are so exhausted. While it can be difficult sometimes, you should try to stick to your initial schedule as much as possible. This way, your body can prepare for its usual sleep time, and you will be able to fall asleep and stay that way for much longer.

Don’t be afraid to try something new

When you start decorating a space, you often have some kind of an idea in your head. This includes the layout, color scheme and overall style. While you might be tempted to stick and stay to your original plan, sometimes it can be worthwhile to try something new. It might be that you need to switch the position of your bed, install new colored lights, or even just change your sheets. It certainly is interesting to see how such a small change can significantly impact our mind and body.

Speak to your doctor

Lastly, if you have tried all of the different steps above and nothing is working, it might be time to visit your local GP. Sometimes lack of sleep can be a sign of something else. This could be either a mental condition such as depression/anxiety or a deeper health issue that needs further examination. They also may be able to provide some sleeping medication to help you adjust to a different routine.

And that’s it! These were some tips and tricks to help you sleep easy in your new home. While you might be overwhelmed the first few days, you will soon be able to develop a new routine that will allow you to enjoy your sweet, sweet slumber! You might even have to try a few of these methods combined if you can’t find the right thing that works. Good luck!