How to Hygge: Creating a Cozy Bathroom for the Ultimate in Pampering

Are you familiar with the concept of “hygge”? It’s a Danish notion which defies direct translation, but you can think of it as extreme coziness. Cultivating hygge is key to surviving the long, dark winters in Scandinavia, but it can also cheer the spirits of anyone anywhere. 


Once the temperatures start to drop and the sun heads for the hills, start it’s relatively easy to incorporate small touches of cozy comfort into spaces such as your living room or bedroom. A deliciously-scented soy candle, a luxurious throw to cuddle up with, a beautiful handcrafted mug filled to the brim with your favorite tea — these are easy ways to achieve hygge. But what about your bathroom? You might not think of it as a particularly cozy space, but there’s no reason it can’t be. Read on to learn how to transform your bath into a welcoming retreat from the cold, harsh world.

1. Think Texture

One of the most important aspects of hygge is texture. Think of the difference between drying your hands on a rough, scratchy, brown paper towel — the kind you often see in public bathrooms — or a thick, plush Turkish cotton towel. Which do you want in your loo?

Invest in the best towels you can afford, even if that means buying them one by one. But don’t let the comfort stop there. A few super-soft throw rugs or bath mats will pamper your toes as well. Ditch that stiff plastic shower curtain in favor of a cotton one. Change out the boring, dusty old blinds for some cheerful, colorful curtains.

2. Heat Things Up

Especially in the wintertime, it can be brutal to step out of a steamy hot shower and into the cold bathroom. Take the sting out of the transition with a heated towel rack. This is a relatively inexpensive investment — you can find a basic model for less than $100 — but one that will really boost the hygge factor in your bathroom. You’ll feel like you’re at the spa when you wrap yourself inside a nice warm bath sheet after a rejuvenating shower or relaxing soak.

Want to take the luxury one step further? “One of the best ways to truly pamper yourself and your family is by having a radiant heated floor installed,” explains Nick Chiosa of Everhart Construction, a company that can provide a bathroom remodel Houston residents would love. “It’s less expensive than you might think, and you’ll enjoy it each and every time you step out of the tub or shower.”

3. Bring the Outdoors In

In addition to being beautiful to look at, a houseplant can improve the air quality of your bathroom. Just be sure to select one that will thrive in the unique conditions of this room. Bathrooms often have little to no natural light, and tend to be humid because of all the water that is used. 

An aloe vera plant is a good choice, not only because it is easy to grow and doesn’t require a lot of hands-on upkeep, but also because it can be used to treat minor burns and scrapes. However, there are plenty of other plant varieties that will do well in this environment.

4. Incorporate Aromatherapy

Let’s face it — the bathroom isn’t always the sweetest-smelling room in the house. But it doesn’t take much effort to change that! And we’re not talking about an ancient cut-glass dish filled with dusty, faded potpourri like you may remember from your grandmother’s powder room, either. Instead, select an aromatherapy diffuser to match your overall aesthetic. Choose from wood-grain exteriors of all different shades, black or white ceramic, or a super-cute diffuser shaped like a kitty, panda, whale, lotus flower, or even a plump little dumpling. 

5. Delight the Senses with Your Decor

Of course, there are all kinds of wonderful bath products that can make you smell amazing, too. What’s more, decorative bottles of bath salts and bath oils, along with gorgeous bath bombs and other accessories, are a delight to look at, too. Don’t forget a cluster or two of candles, although you may want to stick to unscented ones so that they won’t compete with the scents from your aromatherapy diffuser or beauty products.

A lot of people feel that their bathroom should be minimally decorated, if at all, but in truth, there’s no reason you can’t hang prints or paintings on the wall, assemble a few quirky tchotchkes that make you smile on a shelf or windowsill, or even paint the whole shebang your favorite color. You will probably be able to get away with some pretty outlandish pieces or very vibrant colors that would otherwise be overwhelming in a larger space.

Inspired to Get Your Hygge On?

Why not make your bathroom every bit as beautiful — and pleasant to spend time in — as your bedroom, living room, or kitchen? Give yourself the gift of a luxurious, cozy, and welcoming haven from everyday life with a mini-bathroom makeover. When your bathroom feels like a spa, you’ll want to spend more time there, which will benefit your self-care and, in turn, your stress levels.