10 Ideas On How To Earn Money For Christmas Gifts In A Short Time

Christmas is here, and people will be expecting gifts. You also need more money to spend on yourself. Online writing jobs are the perfect way to get the extra cash you need for your gifts. Since not everyone can write, there are other tasks that will also bring you the extra cash you need to surprise friends and family with gifts. 


The jobs should be simple projects that are easy to complete and get paid. Avoid contractual jobs where you will be paid after several months. You should also choose a job within your range of skills because it shortens the learning curve. Here are excellent ideas on how to get extra cash for gifts. 

  • Become A Taxi Driver

The vehicle in your possession is an asset that will earn you excellent returns. Other than park it at home all day, you can use it as Uber during your free time. This could be early morning, evening, weekend, or during lunch breaks. Online apps have made it easier to use vehicles like Uber. You just need to register the vehicle, and customers will get you wherever you are.

  • Be The Delivery Guy

Delivery is one of the gigs that never runs out. There are businesses and individuals looking for people to send on errands. Enroll at drop-off points around you for a chance to be the delivery guy around your area. Stores and delivery companies are always looking for people with free time and who know particular areas. You will be an asset to the delivery companies and earn a few dollars in the process. 

  • Declutter The House

Earning extra dollars does not have to involve working. Throughout the year, you have accumulated a lot of stuff in the house. Take the chance to clean the house and at the same time, earn a few dollars. Get rid of items that you have not touched for a few months. The internet is a perfect place to sell the old stuff at a bargain. It is one of the best ideas to earn extra money because you do not require any capital or skills. 

  • Sell Stuff Online

Drop-shipping is a fast-growing way to open huge stores and make excellent sales without capital. All you need is your phone and internet connection. You will advertise items that are still in warehouses and wait for the customer to order. You then direct the delivery person on where to drop the product. It is an effortless way to make money fast without capital or even making contact with the products. 

  • Use Your Loyalty Cards

Saving during purchase is an excellent way to increase your disposable income. Look for stores and brands with loyalty points and take the opportunity. You should also buy goods or order services from businesses offering Christmas bargains. This will reduce your expenditure and translate into extra money for gifts. 

  • Participate in Surveys

Researchers, institutions, and businesses commission surveys on a regular basis. These surveys are completed using the phone or a few clicks on your computer. The take a few minutes, and the money is sent directly to your account. You can access details on the surveys on public platforms or get referrals from friends who are already participating. 

  • Become A Reviewer 

Reviewing products or services by brands and companies is now a profession. Gather a large following on your social media and become an influencer. You may also review these products on the seller’s website. Another platform for review is the use of blogs where you become a reviewer. 

  • Make Money Writing

The internet has numerous opportunities for writers to make money. If you are a good writer, you have such options as writing reviews, product descriptions, blogs, and web content, among other options. You may even choose to work on essays for college students. This work is paid upon delivery, meaning that you will have a lot of money to buy gifts for friends and family. 

  • Baby Or Pet Sit

Friends, neighbors and family members are traveling a lot during this Christmas season. Facilities like daycare may also close for the season. Since people must work, you should consider staying with their children or pets. No new skills or capital is required to perform these tasks. The returns are handsome. 

  • Hire Out The Extra Room 

Do you have an extra room in your house? Hire it out to travelers and enjoy the extra cash. Enlist the space online, and someone will give you a call soon. A sleeping bag or a mattress is enough to turn your extra room into a lounge. 

The best ideas to earn extra cash for Christmas gifts are free. Think along the lines of your current skills and services you can offer to people around. The internet also offers incredible opportunities for fast cash for your Christmas gifts.