Design Tricks To Enhance The Visual Size Of A Small Kitchen

Giving a small kitchen a refreshing makeover may seem like an exceptionally tiring challenge, although, several useful design tricks will boost the visual size of even the smallest kitchen area. While the following design tricks focus on maximizing visual capacity, they also aim to enhance functionality. However, when it comes to revamping your kitchen, it is usually best to opt for the professional assistance of experts to ensure the results showcase quality. 

Kitchens By Ambience and other kitchen remodelers will be able to bring your unique ideas to life. To help guide your design approach, we have listed the best and most effective design tricks for small kitchens.

Utilize Your Kitchen Island 

Kitchen islands can be exquisite, although, if not properly utilized, they can devour available space. To properly use the full potential of a kitchen island, you should install cabinets or drawers on both sides and ensure the size is suitable for your kitchen. You could consider an island than extends from a larger kitchen cabinet in an open plan home design as well to separate your kitchen from your dining or lounge area in an elegant way.

Maximize Light

More often than not, smaller kitchen areas appear even smaller simply because there is not enough light available to illuminate the area. However, you can use light to your advantage to amplify visual space by contrasting light and dark as this will provide depth, which will maximize space. You should ensure there is ample natural light and that the lighting is bright enough while considering darker tones for kitchen cabinets or finishing details.

Hide Appliances 

Hiding most of your kitchen appliances will help you clear counter space and enhance the functionality of your kitchen. To hide, or partially hide appliances, you should include open cabinets above counters to fit your microwave. Clearing your counters of appliances will maximize the visual appearance of your kitchen by reducing the look of clutter.

Focus On Aesthetics And Functionality

When it comes to a smaller kitchen, the two main features should be maximum functionality merged with optimal aesthetics. There are various aesthetic changes you can make to your home, but when it comes to your kitchen, you should ensure appliances coordinate well. In addition to this, you should also reduce the number of items stored in your kitchen as including too many cabinets will consume space. 

Renovating a small kitchen can seem like a challenge, although, with the professional guidance of professional kitchen remodelers and a visual idea, you will be able to create your dream kitchen regardless of its size. Professionals are proficient in remodeling kitchens of all shapes and sizes, which is why it would be best to rely on experts rather than attempting a DIY approach for this area of the home. As the kitchen is widely considered the center of any home, the investment will boost property value while also maximizing your comfort at home.