3 home repairs you should DIY and 3 you should hire for

Being a homeowner can be so costly. Everything in the home suffers frequent wear and tear. So, you will need to pay for different repairs. The labor for the repairs takes a great part of the sum that you pay, so this is the reason why many homeowners will DIY the home repairs. You can always do the minor repairs by yourself, but you should hire a professional for the more complicated ones. Some repairs might be dangerous for you and your health, so you should always think twice. Keep in mind that you might not have the needed knowledge and can provoke damage which will reduce the value of your house. And let’s not forget about the fact that some jobs need a proper permit. Read on and find out which are the home repairs that you can do, and which don’t!

Home repairs that you can DIY

Replace faucet

If you have a new faucet that it center-aligned, then you can install it by yourself. It will come with complete instructions, so you can follow them. If the faucet is more complicated, then you would want a professional to do it.

Re-grouting tiles

Over time, the tile grout will gather dirt and look ugly. You can re-grout the tiles to make them look like newly installed. If you have experience in DIY-ing, then you can handle this type of project. Get the proper grout type and color that will match the tiles. Remove the old with a special grout saw. Fill the joints and smoothen them 

Repair holes in drywall

For this project, you simply need to fill the hole with putty and scrape it. Wait for the mixture to dry, and then sand the surface for a smooth finish. You can fix small and bigger holes. 

Home repairs that you should hire a pro for

Painting exterior

If you have decided that it is time to give your home a fresh coat of paint, call a professional. This is unlike any other interior painting project. It includes working on the roof and on a high ladder. This project can be dangerous if you try to do it, so leave it to the pros. For reviews and recommendations, check House Method

Remove popcorn ceiling

If you are already tired of that popcorn ceiling, removing it is a great solution. But, this is a very complicated project that requires the help of a professional. Removing is very messy, and you might get dissapointed when you start the project. It needs to be softened with special agents before removing them. Then it is followed by scraping, sanding, and finally priming the ceiling. And there is the risk of you not doing it right, so your ceiling might end up looking bad. 

Mounting light fixtures

The costs of hiring an electrician to do the jobs might be high, but it is way safer to do this. The high voltage fixtures must be installed by a professional.