5 Aesthetically-Pleasing Changes to Make to Your Home

Looking for a home project? Here are five awesome changes you can make that will leave your house looking and feeling fantastic.

Changes for the Elderly/Disabled

Some changes are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. With home improvement freehold NJ, you can have changes made to the home so an elderly or disabled relative can come live with you. Many older adults end up living with their adult children, so you might find yourself with an extra house guest. It’s important that the home suits their specific needs, so work with a contractor to see what needs to be done. A special shower or a ramp outside might need to be installed to help your family member continue to get around. You can get a free estimate of what it will cost to make these changes and the professionals will do an excellent job on the house. Changes like these might not top the list of what you’d like to get done, but you may find yourself needing to prioritize them.


A Wine Cellar

If you love collecting bottles of wine, consider building a cellar for your collection. Wine should be stored at a temperature of 45 to 65 degrees with 50% to 80% humidity. The area needs to be properly ventilated and dark, and your alcoholic beverages should be stored sideways to keep the cork moist. You can pretty easily turn an area of your basement into a wine cellar. Put up walls if you’re only using a section of the basement, then insulate the walls, ceiling, and door. Consider just one source of lighting so you can see when you come down. Install a simple pendant light fixture to add visibility without displaying too much light in the room. If you’re motivated, you could complete this project in a weekend and impress your friends with the wine collection and custom cellar.


A Porch or Deck

Porches and decks are extremely popular home improvement projects. A porch gives you an area to sit and sip a cocktail over the summer, waving to your neighbors. A deck provides the perfect place to grill or eat dinner outside. You can even add a pool off of your deck. You can try to tackle these projects by yourself or hire a professional to build these for you. A porch or deck will give you a new living space and you can make them look beautiful and welcoming.


Kitchen Makeover

If you don’t have the money for a new kitchen, consider doing a few projects that will give it a small facelift. You can paint the kitchen cabinets or replace the hardware to freshen up the look of the room. Add rollouts to your deeper cabinets so you can easily grab pots and pans when they’re needed. If your appliances are ancient, consider upgrading to stainless steel. Even if you replace nothing else in the room, this change will help it feel fresh and beautiful.


Bathroom Upgrade

When did your bathroom last have a makeover? Choose one in your home (maybe the en suite) and freshen it up. Apply a new coat of paint or replace the wallpaper. Change the towel bar and light fixtures in the room. Buy new furnishings for the room, like bath mats and towels, and change the way you store your toiletries. You could even add a plant or two to this room, depending on the size. Creating an oasis in your bathroom will help the entire home feel chic and new.


From big changes to small, whatever you do in your home should make it feel vibrant. Add a porch or paint your kitchen cabinets. Tackle a few home improvement projects and see the change.