7 Life-Changing Hacks for Dressing Comfy Casual

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Look, we love getting dressed up in our fanciest clothes just as much as the next fashion-obsessed gal. At the same time, there’s something to be said about wearing outfits that prioritize comfort above all else. But how do you manage to dress comfortable and casual without looking sloppy?

Enter the rise of comfy casual style, a practical fashion trend that is nothing short of a blessing for all of us lazy girls. The comfy casual look can be difficult to pull off (emphasize too much “comfy,” and you’ll just look like you’re down on your luck), which is why we’re dishing out our best fashion hacks to help you nail the trend with ease. Read on to find out a few simple tricks to looking cozy and stylish every day of the week.

  1. Wear a blanket in public and get away with it.

As soon as winter arrives, no one wants to leave their warm bed to brave the cold. If only there were a socially-acceptable way to wear a blanket…

Oh wait, there is! It’s called a sweater dress, and it’s pretty much every lazy girl’s go-to outfit in the wintertime. The sweater dress is virtually unmatched in its warmth, coziness and versatility. You can dress it up by throwing a chic blazer on top or keep it firmly planted in comfy casual territory with a pair of white sneakers. Either way, the sweater dress is a classy clothing staple that will keep you looking snug and fashionable all winter long. 

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  1. Skip the shoelaces and opt for slip-on sneakers instead.

Honestly, who has time to deal with shoelaces anymore? These days, we’re all about comfortable and stylish sneakers that make getting ready in the morning a total snap, and there are few types of shoes that do it better than a pair of chic slip-ons. 

There are several reasons to love slip-on sneakers: 1) They look incredible with everything, from cropped pants and skirts for work to ripped skinny jeans and cozy joggers for the weekend; 2) they come in tons of fun prints and textures to showcase your unique style; and 3) they’re ridiculously easy to slip on and off (hence, the name), which makes them the perfect shoe for traveling or just hanging out on the weekends. 

In other words, slip-ons are basically that one best friend who’s always down for all your last-minute plans. What more could you possibly ask for in a casual shoe?

  1. Swap your regular sweatpants for a cute pair of joggers.

Let’s face it, there are certain types of sweatpants that are better suited to wearing in public than others. Those old, baggy sweatpants you’ve had since college? Not acceptable. Those super-soft fleece joggers and matching hoodie? Definitely more acceptable, especially when you wear them with a cool pair of fashion sneakers.

While joggers still wouldn’t be acceptable for, say, a dinner date (unless your dinner date is at home and somehow involves a blanket fort–in which case, as you were), they’re still a great option for going to the airport in style or just for walking the dog around the city. To keep your sweatpants style on point, be sure to style your joggers just right by incorporating some edgy accessories into your ensemble.

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  1. Invest in high-quality outerwear.

The secret to pulling off cute and comfy clothing without looking sloppy? Pairing your cozy outfits with sophisticated outerwear. We’re talking stylish trench coats with sneakers, oversized blazers with blue jeans and edgy leather jackets with leggings, just to name a few. 

High-quality outerwear will instantly smarten up your ultra-casual look without sacrificing your comfort in the process. On the contrary, quality outerwear will maximize your coziness by keeping you warm when Old Man Winter is at his worst. To make choosing your #ootd even easier, look for new outerwear in neutral hues. They’re classic and pair well with everything, which will make getting dressed every day a whole lot simpler.

  1. Play with proportions.

Comfy casual style is all about oversized everything: Oversized tunics, oversized sweaters, oversized cardigans—well, you get the picture. Although oversized styles can make for an incredibly cozy outfit, they can also look downright sloppy if you don’t keep proportions in mind. 

Mixing up your proportions is key to making your comfy outfit look deliberate (as opposed to lazy). For example, an oversized sweater would call for slimmer bottoms (hello, cozy leggings), while a tailored top would pair well with wide-leg trousers. If you’re ever unsure about your proportions, just layer your outfit with a chic, cardigan duster. It’s a universal truth: Almost everything looks good underneath a cardigan duster.

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  1. Pass on anything with buttons, embellishments and zippers. 

Nailing the “comfy” aspect of comfy casual style is way more difficult than it sounds. Part of the problem is that women’s clothing often features uncomfortable embellishments, annoying buttons and frustrating clasps that can make getting dressed in the morning a frustratingly-long process.

If you’re shopping for a new comfy casual wardrobe, now is the perfect opportunity to replace your more complicated clothing items with easy-on, easy-off pieces. Try sticking to the following rule: If it takes you more than three seconds to take your top or bottom off in the dressing room, then it’s not for you. Trust us, your future self will thank you for it.

  1. Rescue a bad hair day with chic headwear accessories.

It’s an unspoken rule of comfy casual style: You simply can’t have a bad hair day. If your hair is a complete mess and your clothing style leans more towards cozy than it does chic, your entire ensemble will end up looking sloppy.

Luckily, there are plenty of stylish hacks to prevent a bad hair day from ruining your comfy casual outfit. For instance, headbands are currently more popular than ever and come in a slew of unique styles to disguise your messy locks. Not into headbands? Plop a chic sun hat on your head to look effortlessly chic while running errands. 

There you have it. Dressing comfy casual doesn’t have to be daunting. This chic and effortless look is perfect for any time of the year. Use these fashion hacks to help nail down your look!