5 Tell-Tale Signs That You Have a Pest Infestation

Homeowners and renters alike all share a common problem – pest infestations. We’ve all been there – walked into our homes, and noticed that something is off. We’ve found the piles of droppings, heard the scratching in the middle of the night, and found the half-chewed packets of food in our grocery cupboards. These are just some of the ways we can tell that we are not the only creatures living in our homes. As frustrating as these infestations can be, the good news is that we can get rid of the problem. The first step is identifying the problem; here are 5 ways that you can tell if your home has a critter infestation that you will need to deal with:

  1. Nesting

All pests, no matter the kind, all need a place to live. They make nests in our homes and use these nests as a place to raise their young. Check the dark spots, the places that are out of sight, because these are normally the areas you will find evidence of pest nests. You need to use a flashlight and check all the nooks and crannies around your house before you renovate, particularly behind your larger appliances because that is one of their favorite places to nest.

  1. Droppings

This tell-tale sign of an infestation is universal, all pests eat and all pests leave droppings. If you find piles of droppings that you cannot identify then it is time to call in professional help, like Nextgen Pest Solutions. Droppings are a sign that your infestation has reached new levels, it means that those pests are there to stay so you need to deal with the problem promptly. 

  1. Damaged Structure

Often a clear sign of an infestation is when you find damage to the structures inside your home. When nesting, many pests choose to pull things apart in an attempt to gather material to nest with. Some pests can also gnaw away at structural pieces because they are in their path; usually, it is their path to food or water. Look for scratched objects or tooth marks in the floors and walls around your home.

  1. Destroyed Plants

Signs of pest infestations often start outside of the home first. Look for signs of pesky critters eating your plants or the grass in your gardens. Tell-tale signs to look out for include chewed plant edges, holes in the leaves of your plants, or destroyed patches of lawn. If you can get rid of the problem before it reaches your house, then you have a better chance of resolving the issue before it escalates to a point where you cannot control it on your own.

  1. Dead Bugs

Check the window sills around your house regularly. Take note of the dead bugs you find; if there is more of one particular species of insect, then you might be dealing with a large population of that type. There are plenty of reasons for bugs to die, even without poisoning them, so be sure to check for dead bugs often.