7 Inexpensive Ways To Update Your Living Room

The living room is the most used place in the home. By changing the look of the living room, you can change the look of the entire interior.

Make a budget plan first before buying stuff for decoration. As there are many options to explore before buying things. Reusing your old stuff will help you a lot if you are planning an affordable redesign. 

According to your requirement another way to update the living room is by adding wall art, throw pillows, new cushions, etc.

Here are inexpensive ways to update your living room:

Paint the Walls

Repainting of the walls plays a significant role in changing the look of the living room. You can create various expensive-looking classy textures and patterns on your walls, by using techniques and types of paints.

Go for solid or bold colors as they are in trend, complementing your lights and furniture. 

Ombre walls will look great if your furniture is in light color or wood, as it will create a sunset vibe in the room.   

Redo Furnishing

You can redo the old furniture by painting the wooden parts and changing the cover of the couch. Add new cushions with different colors on the couch to change its overall look.

Add Different Decor Elements


Go for different elements to keep the look of the living room high. For example, glass sculptures, wall art, mirrors, and decorative items can help to decorate the living room in a nice way.

Metallic counters, tables, art, or furniture add a silver finish. If the theme of your house is dark, metallic colored wallpaper looks great in the interior. It is a great option for people who like warm tones in the place.   

You can be creative with cushions and cover sheets of tables and countertops. It gives a very homely vibe. 

Self Made DIY

DIYs are quite fun when you are making them for home d├ęcor. It does not mean you have to utilize old stuff; you can buy cheap artwork and reuse it in your artistic skills. 

Like making glass bottle vases, cutouts, pictures from magazines, self-made calendars, mounted cases from old boxes.   

Recycled art or DIY art can create a vintage as well as a trendy vibe in the decor. It all depends on how you use the resources and give it a twist of your creativity.

Focus on Wall Art and Wall Display


You can add wall art to refresh the wall of your living space. Take ideas from here to use the best wall art for the living room. 

In addition to wall art, for a book lover, mini-libraries are also the best option for the living room decor and create a luxurious and sophisticated vibe. Colorful books placed in an organized manner add a wow factor to decor.  

Go for shelves as they are a great way of utilizing vertical space in the living room and quite inexpensive to install. DIY shelf is easy to make by using a piece of wood and repaint it, to display your collection. 

Add New Plant


Whether real or artificial, plants are a great way to add color and life to your living room. Add a variety of heights, forms, textures, colors of plants. This complements anything you are adding to the living room, and it’s a great design tip. 

Fiddle leaf fig or olive tree can be added to the corners to add height to the living room. Go for spider plants or snake plants for side tables. If you have a smaller space, add greenery to walls by hanging on the ceiling.

Buy a New Rug

By adding a new rug to your living room, you’ll add coziness, warmth, and texture to the space. The color that you select should complement well with the throw pillows and other decorative items in the room.

If you’re new to decorating and not sure about your taste, choose a neutral-colored rug. It will match perfectly with every color scheme you have in mind. 


With careful planning, even the smallest budget can build a beautiful living room. Using basic designs and adding little creativity will end up in a magazine worth looking at in the living room.