How to Ensure Your Sofa Remains Spotless

A stain-resistant fabric will ensure that you never have to worry about cleaning up after your family or that last dinner party again. Stain-resistant fabric is a fabric that has been specially treated with a fabric protector that repels and protects the fabric from liquid and dirt. It has a fabric protector coating that is heat set into the fabric when it’s manufactured so it will never wash out or wear off.

How Does Stain Resistant Fabric Work?

Stain-resistant fabric repels liquids by creating millions of tiny air bubbles between fabric fibers in your upholstery fabric when applied to the fabric. These air bubbles create a fabric barrier to liquids. Fabric treated with a fabric protector is washable, dryable, and will stay cleaner as dirt and liquid are repelled away from fabric fibers so they cannot cling or penetrate the fabric.

Stain Resistant upholstery fabric is also a good choice for families who have children or pets because it cleans easily and stays cleaner longer.

The fabric stain resistant treatment is not pre-treatable and it cannot be added to the fabric at a later time once the fabric has been manufactured. During the manufacturing process, the yarns of the fabric are protected with a special type of finish to make them stain-resistant and long-lasting. Years of research and testing fabrics have resulted in these stain-resistant fabrics that make life easier. 

Stain Resistant Fabric Protection for all types of fabric

The stain-resistant fabric has been used successfully on different kinds of fabrics including cotton, linen, velvet, and leather-look fabrics. You can also choose from many designs, textures, patterns, and colors.

Customers are often concerned that stain-resistant fabric won’t breathe; however, this is not true as fabric upholstery fabric made from acrylic, polyester, and nylon fabric will be breathable as these fabric types allow the fabric to “breathe” in order to prevent fabric damage caused by condensation buildup.

A simple way to remember fabric that is stain resistant: If you see the word “resists stains”, “stain-proof”, or “protects against spills and stains” on a fabric label, it’s likely the fabric could be treated with a fabric protector.

One of the upholstery fabric stain resistant specialists in the market is a company called FibreGuard. 

How Does the Fabric Protector Work?

Your fabric upholstery should be treated with a fabric protector before using fabric – this will ensure the fabric stays spotless and clean for years to come in normal use. Most fabric upholstery manufacturers recommend you reapply for a fabric protector every twelve to eighteen months for best results.