4 Tips to Jumpstart your inner DIY

No matter what, everyone has to start somewhere. Michael Jordan didn’t wake up one day and start jumping over 7-footers and dunking. Albert Einstein wasn’t born writing out complex math problems and equations.

The same applies for jumping on the DIY (do it yourself) train. Today, you may not be installing a new deck in your backyard or revitalizing your front lawn, but you can start taking baby steps to get there. Today, changing all the lightbulbs and tomorrow installing a new mailbox. More and more people are making themselves into DIYers than ever before.


But, how can you get started? There are so many ways to go and so many new things to learn. Below are some tips on getting a head start on your new handyman lifestyle.

The Internet is your Friend

Today, it’s surprising if you can’t find something on the internet. From cat memes to every song imaginable, you can find just about whatever you’re looking for.

The same goes for any help on your next DIY project. YouTube has roughly 16 billion videos and tons of free tutorials.

Hanging a mirror? There’s a video for that.

Best way to find studs? There’s a video for that.

Installing a ceiling fan? There’s a video for that.

The best part is, you can rewind as many times as you want, no one is going to judge you. If you’re still confused about something, head down to the comments and see if anyone else has had the same issue or the YouTuber may even respond themselves.

Browse through forums and other list-based articles to find little tips and tricks.

Do as much research as you can ahead of time as well. You’ll feel better prepared for any potential problems that could arise!

Stick to Your Plan

As you begin to improve your skills, becoming more and more of an expert every day, your eyes may light up as you get excited about what else can be done around the house. What at first was modernizing the bathroom has suddenly turned into redoing the floors and painting the master bedroom.

Simple lesson: don’t bite off more than you can chew. Work on one project at a time so you can build up a rhythm and confidence. It’s better to be able to cross something off of your list than have multiple projects constantly hanging over your head.

The same idea applies to your budget. Try and calculate out exactly what materials you may need. You don’t want to end up with five extra bags of mulch or a bunch of 2X4’s that you don’t have any place to store. If you’re short on something, you can always go ahead and buy more down the road.

Go Shopping

Chances are, you have a toolbox or tool bag lying around somewhere. It probably has a hammer, tape measure, screwdriver, and a few nails in there. While these are great for your basic projects, your bigger projects may require some heavy-duty power tools.

But wait! Before you go off and buy the latest nail gun, power sander or cordless drill, ask yourself: Will I need this after I finish project X?

If not, head down to your local hardware store and see what the options are on renting tools. If you’re looking to move mulch or a bunch of wood, see if you can borrow a truck if you don’t have one. You’d rather have a sturdy vehicle instead of hauling everything in the back of your compact car.

Don’t Be Afraid to Call an Expert

With so many tutorials and classes around, it may feel like you can teach yourself anything. And you can! With effort and determination, you’ll be on your way to being the master fixer-upper.

However, there are also times to admit that you may be in over your head. Many handymen have come to a point where they say, “I know how to do almost everything, but I can’t do this.” There’s no shame in calling for help or when you’re truly stuck, paying an expert.

Some jobs may just be too large to tackle alone. For bigger projects, you may need specialized equipment and vehicles.

You don’t want to try and re-do your roof, only to find out you made a bunch of mistakes during a rainstorm. That’s the best way to ruin a movie night!