16 Mesmerizing Ways To Add A Little Bit Of Whimsy To Your Garden

Rusted metal wheelbarrows

Rusted metal objects are often considered as useless, but plants can add some life to them.


Old piano turned into a planter

Make your neighbors jealous of your garden by turning a piano into a gorgeous planter. And even add a tiny waterfall that will make it look even more amazing.


Tree stump planters

If you want to stick to some natural materials, take some tree stumps and turn them into planters.


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Dresser planter

The old dresser that you no longer use can be also used as planter. Simply, place some pots in the drawers.


Cinder block planter

And the last idea for today is of a cinder block planter. Succulents are perfect choice for making cinder blocks look less boring.


So, which one from these ideas did you like the best?