15 Genius Hacks To Help You Store Your Christmas Decorations

We all love our homes during the holidays when they are decorated with some Christmas spirit. But once the holidays pass by, we all face the tiny problem of how to store and organize all those beautiful Christmas decorations. So, it is always good to know some hacks that will help you organizeĀ all those ornaments, wreaths, Christmas lights etc. We’ve picked some of them that you will find useful, so let’s check them out!

Make cardboard dividers

If you store the ornaments in a box they can get scratch from one another and won’t look good anymore. So, how about you add some cardboard dividers and place a single ornament in each section. And even if you accidentally drop the box, you won’t break them.


Store them in an egg carton

The empty egg carton makes the perfect storage solution for your ornaments. Again store them in each holder and thus keep them protected.


Store in clear bags with zip closure

The resealable bags that you often use for keeping your food fresh can be perfect for storing your Christmas ornaments. Sort them by color and thus find easily what you need.


Use plastic bins with dividers

Those plastic bins with dividers are another perfect storage solution for your Christmas decorations. Divide them by color or type and use them easily next year.


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