Top 5 Ways to Give Your Living Room a Sense of Personality

The living room is perhaps the most unused space in many modern houses today. After all, you can get food from the kitchen, dine in the dining room and head straight to your bedroom. However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect your living room when trying to create a home that expresses your personality. 

There are many psychological benefits associated with living in a home that aligns with your personality and preferences. For instance, such a home tends to uplift your spirit, creating a generally relaxed and happy feeling. Additionally, it can be fun to play around with all the furniture, colours and patterns, among other things, as you try to create a unique living room for you and your family. 

Creating a living room interior design that suits your personality can be a delightful experience. However, that is not always an easy job. This post will discuss some of the easiest ways to give your living room some sense of personality. 

Choose Furniture Wisely

If you intend to create a living room that matches your personality, the first step you should do is invest in suitable living room furniture sets. According to most interior designers, the furniture constitutes close to 60% of the entire home interior design. 

Ideally, you should choose furniture with your needs and image preferences in mind. For instance, if you prefer bright colours, go for couches and pillows with shades that pop. However, it is also essential to consider comfortability and practicality. After all, no one wants to spend money on furniture that won’t serve their intended purpose, no matter how attractive they look.

Invest in Indoor Plants

Another creative way to create a living room that gives a sense of personality is incorporating indoor plants into your design. Everyone loves plants. They help create an ambient and relaxed environment by purifying the air, easing tension and lowering stress levels. Apart from that, indoor plants are a great way to bring out your personality while enhancing the aesthetics in your living room.

Luckily, there are tons of pots, stands and hangers for indoor plants in the market today. You can also choose a low-maintenance plant variety that won’t demand too much attention every day. 

Consider Handmade Items

When decorating our living rooms, it’s typical to pick company-manufactured items of the shelf without even thinking. Just to mention, it can be a little challenging to inject some personality into your décor if you entirely depend on factory-made products. 

Luckily, including something handmade in your decoration plans can quickly give your living room a touch of personality. If you are good at knitting or pottery, you can use your skills to create something for your living room. For instance, you can knit a décor doll for your corner table or make a pot for an indoor plant. 

Create a Theme or Style and Stick to It

Creating a living room theme and sticking to it makes it easier for you to achieve an interior design that suits your personality. The style and theme often lie in the color schemes and accessories. These are some of the colour schemes you can pick for your living room:

  • Monochromatic scheme – Only one colour throughout the room
  • Complementary scheme – Multiple colours that are opposite to each other
  • Analogous scheme – Multiple colours that are close to each other on the colour wheel

Invest in Proper Lighting

Did you know that you can light your living room to suit your personality? 

Apart from enhancing the functionality of your living room, proper lighting can help create a favourable atmosphere. Additionally, it helps reduce glare which is often a leading cause of fatigue and headaches. So, investing in proper lights for your living room does more than create an ambient atmosphere. 

Luckily, there are tons of options to pick from when it comes to living room lighting. You can opt for floor lights to create a mirage of heightened space, opening the room. Alternatively, you can use wall-mounted lights when working with a small living space. 

Other lighting options for your living room include conventional overhead and fairly lights that can help brighten up the space in a budget-friendly way. 


Creating a living room design that matches your personality can be relatively challenging. However, designing your dream living room can be less tough with the proper guidelines. 

You should definitely follow the tips above to give your living room a touch of personality.