The Best Tools to Take the Hassle out of Gardening

While many see gardening as a passion, others view it as a curse. That’s okay, not every hobby can be for everyone, although gardening definitely has fans going for it! Still, this doesn’t exactly solve the problem of maintaining a garden when you’d rather do anything but…

If you let the garden get out of hand, numerous problems arise. Rodents can come prowling, weeds sprout, repugnant bugs start to move in, and frankly you end up with an eye sore outside of your window. Therefore, the garden needs to be maintained – no matter what your personal feelings on the matter are!
Consequently, here’re the best tools to take the hassle out of gardening!



You could patrol the perimeter of the garden with a watering can – after all, it does get the job done. That said, you will occasionally need to head back inside to refill it, and then head out once again. Back and forth, back and forth; in the end, lugging around a heavy watering can is enough to drive anyone who isn’t a fan of gardening utterly bonkers!
Pick up a hose instead, stand back, and spray down everything. Don’t clog your plants up with too much water, so make sure to avoid sending out a powerful jet of water on full blast for a couple of seconds. Instead, patiently and gently keep the hose on a low spray, and delicately water down your plant life. Point it at a healthy distance away from the plants or soil, and its job done!

Wheelbarrows and Carts

It’s been mentioned briefly already, but one of the most strenuous aspects of gardening are those incessant back and forth trips from the garden to the house. It’s never ending and can be highly irritating, especially on a hot, warm summers day. Is there’re a work around? Well, you’re in luck.

Simply always keep a wheelbarrow or cart with you, providing the landscaping of your garden is flat and even so that your goods don’t roll away. If you can have everything to hand at a moment’s notice, you’ll drastically reduce the time spent in transit from one place to another. Gloves, trowels, prunes, spades – they can all be stored here. Easy!


There’s the meticulous world of pruning and trimming, and then there’s simply unleashing the roaring rage of a chainsaw. If you’re looking to take the hassle out of gardening, consider investing in the latter. Companies like SGS offer a great range of these beauties amongst other useful tools, so that should be your go to place for your gardening hacks.

Do away with all the careful measurements and aesthetical pleasures; if you don’t like a plant, bush, tree or other garden feature that’s wooden, just chainsaw it to oblivion. You might be mildly irritated by the noise (wear earmuffs), debris (wear goggles) and the cleaning up job afterwards, but it won’t all feel anywhere near as much as a hassle as it would have felt otherwise!