Design Tips for Guest Bedrooms

Having a guest room can be a wonderful luxury because it allows you to entertain loved ones and not have to worry about them getting home the same night. It also allows you to have friends and family come from afar and spend quality time together in the comfort of your own home. It can be difficult to know how to decorate this space as you will want to make it a welcoming and relaxing space for your guests.

Sofa Bed

It can be a smart move to invest in a high-quality sofa bed as this can make it a multi-purpose room. It can sometimes feel a waste to have a guest bedroom especially if you rarely have guests, but with a sofa bed you can make this another living area or an office for times when it is not in use. It can also be nice for guests because they can quickly turn the room into somewhere to relax whenever they feel like it.


Blackout Blinds

As with any bedroom, it is vital that you are able to create a suitable sleeping environment. Blackout blinds are a great investment because they allow you to create a completely dark environment which should help your guests to fall and stay asleep. There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep!

Storage Space

Your guests are likely to have luggage with them and they will not want to live out a suitcase during their stay. This means that they need to have plenty of space to store their items so a wardrobe and chest of drawers is important, plus you could also have a bedside table for them to keep their personal possessions on.

Neutral Colors

In terms of wall color and general decorative themes, it is best to choose neutral colors so that everyone can find it easy to relax. Different people will be staying here so it should be as basic and neutral as possible which will help everyone to settle and feel at home.


Hotel Touches

Finally, take inspiration from hotels with a few thoughtful finishing touches to help your guests to feel welcome and at home. This will include providing bottles of water, fresh towels and toiletries for them. You could even provide a pillow chocolate for a nice touch!

A guest bedroom can be incredibly helpful especially if you like to entertain friends and family. It can be hard to know how to get this room right as it is an area that you will want to make welcoming and comfortable but it is also a room that will not be used too often. The above tips should help you to design the perfect guest bedroom which will help your guests to feel welcome and enjoy their stay.