The Benefits of Commercial Power Washing

Over time your condominium complex, home association or commercial property can become worn down looking and begin to show its age. This is especially true if the siding on the buildings is dingy looking because of accumulated dirt or the sidewalks and parking lots look like they have never been thoroughly cleaned. A complex or commercial building that has not been properly cleaned on the outside sends a message to potential visitors and customers, a message to stay away.

Power washing is a great solution when you want to improve the looks of your building or property. The best power washing services don’t just blast water at high pressure and hope it cleans. They invest in soft power washing equipment and can use biodegradable detergents that get the job done without harming your property or the surrounding environment.

Improve the Looks of Your Buildings and Boost Curb Appeal

When you schedule power washing at regular times you can be assured that your building or condominiums will always look refreshed and new. The initial layers of dirt and grime will be removed with the first power washing treatment and each subsequent service will keep things sparkling with less additional work. Buyers and tenants will be drawn to the property because of its increased curb appeal. Home owners will have a feeling of satisfaction as they enter the development and see that it’s very well maintained.

The Value of the Complex or Building is Improved

When you are offering a commercial property for lease there is a lot of competition. Power washing helps restore the look of the building to like new, therefore attracting more tenants and keeping the revenues and profits at the best level possible. If a prospective lessee or buyer sees a property that looks like it is in first class condition, they will be far more likely to buy or rent than if the building looks like it is barely maintained. Power washing removes dirt on the building and washes away any traces of acid rain, thereby protecting your paint and siding. By using environmentally safe detergents your power washing company will also keep your landscaping from harm.

Create a Safe and Healthy Environment

When no effort is made to clean a building parking lot, the safety of both the commercial building tenants and visitors alike can be in jeopardy. Oil that accumulates on the parking lot surface can cause slips and falls, especially after it rains. You may be found liable if you did not use reasonable effort to keep your parking areas safe. The health of the building’s environment is also greatly improved by regular power washing. Over time heavy dirt, dust and grime can seep into the air system from the outside. Bird droppings can also jeopardize the air quality when found near open windows or air vents. Power washing takes care of all of these hazards and also remove harmful bacteria.

By scheduling regular power washing you preserve the value of your property and increase sales, leases and rentals of the units. Power washing keeps the building looking brand new, greatly increases the curb appeal and helps provide a healthy and safe environment for owners, tenants and customers alike.