The beauty and benefits of Salt Lamps

Have you ever walked into a room where a salt lamp is gently glowing and felt instantly drawn to it?  I walked past a colleague’s desk at work the other day and she had a little spherical shaped lamp alight on her desk.  It instantly seemed to sooth me and I thought what a lovely thing to do to balance out all the fluorescent lighting, cabling and computers, telephones and air conditioning….  It somehow seemed like a little field of positive energy in the otherwise harsh environment of a modern office.  

Something about these wonderful rock-like lamps creates a sense of peace and serenity as well as being absolutely beautiful to look at.  Mined from the salt mines in the Himalayans, mainly Pakistan, these exquisite Himalayan Salt Lamps can come in natural shapes or they can come in spherical shapes.  Usually they range from a pale pink to deep orange or even red in colour and with the centre hollowed out to fit the light inside, they softly glow creating a relaxing, gentle atmosphere in any room.

These Himalayan salt lamps are hugely popular and no matter your decor, and are perfect for any home or office.  They also make wonderful gifts – something lasting that will provide endless hours of beauty and enjoyment to all present.  And for those who love the soft glow of candlelight, salt lamps provide a similar softness and a safer alternative if there are children about or you leave the room unattended for a period of time.

And Himalayan Salt Lamps aren’t just pretty to look at.  These natural treasures are said to have other qualities that will appeal to anyone wanting to improve the atmosphere around them.  Here are some of the things that many believe are the health benefits of a salt lamp:

It is thought that salt lamps can purify the air by a process known as hygroscopy.  This process is said to attract water molecules from the air, absorbing them along with potential foreign particles.  As the salt lamp warms up, the heat evaporates the water and trapped particles of smoke, dust, pollen and pet dander creating a cleaner, fresher environment around the salt lamp.  For this reason, many people including Asthma sufferers enjoy the perceived benefits of the cleaner air.

Some also say that Himalayan Salt Lamps can clear the air of electro-smog and that it can oxygenate the brain, reducing the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder and mood disorders as well as improving ones immune system.  Others swear that if placed near a computer, television or other electronic device it can reduce the negative effects of those devices. Salt lamps are also believed to emit negative ions into the air, neutralizing electromagnetic radiation.

Whatever your beliefs around the potential health benefits of these delightful salt lamps, there is no denying that the room seems calmer, the eye is drawn to the lamp as it is to an open flame and as I experienced the other day in the office, just that chance glance at the little salt lamp on my colleague’s desk allowed me a moments calm and pleasure and a sense of beauty amid the paperwork and technology!