Growing Money Plants for Your Home

A variety of indoor plants are believed to bring many benefits into a home. This type of plant has been categorized into one specific name, and is called as “Money Plant”. The reason for this is because they are known to attract prosperity, bring happiness and good luck to the family members. Aside from those, they are also a bringer of richness and wealth to the home according to the Feng Shui principles

A common misconception for money trees is that they require constant care and may be a bit difficult to grow, but contrary to this, it actually requires little maintenance and they make excellent bonsais. A money plant is fairly easy to care for and is actually a great basic plant for those who are just beginning to experience gardening on their own.

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  1.       Select a Healthy Branch. Pick out the healthiest and greenest looking branch from your money plant and cut it below where leaves emerge for about 30 cm at least. The branch should have a total of 3 to 4 node; nodes are the points in a plant’s stem wherein the leaves, branching twigs and small buds are located. This is most crucial part of the plant that you need to maintain if you want it to grow healthily since this is its where the foundation on biological processes occur.
  2.    Remove the lower leaves. This gives them a few room to breathe and once the lower leaves are removed, you can then put them in a glass jar filled with clean water. You need to keep it a node below water to encourage the roots to grow.
  3.    Put it near a source of sunlight. But avoid placing it directly under intense sunlight because it may cause leaf burns and might dehydrate your money plant.
  4.    Change the water at least once a week or if the water looks unclear and a bit murky. Cool and clear water is an essential nourishment for a new money plant. Also make sure that the amount of water is maintained within a decent level. You can expect new roots to grow within a couple of weeks.

It should be noted that money plants do not require the use of fertilizers. The only maintenance steps you should worry about is trimming and pruning the dry yellow leaves.

  1.       Keep your money plant healthy by cutting down the dead branches and dried leaves. Trim some of its growing branches if it has reached your desired height for your money plant. This will help encourage itself on growing newer and dense leaves.

Once you’ve mastered these basic tips, your money plant will naturally thrive and grow within the safe spaces of your home for years to come, bringing you all the goodness that your family deserve.