Simple Tips To Make Your Bedroom More Comfy 

We all want the perfect snooze at the end of a particularly tiring day. After all, we do spend almost one-third of our entire day in our bedrooms. So it’s only logical that we make our bedroom as cozy as possible.

Here are some simple tips for you to follow to turn your bedroom into a cozy heaven.

Prep the Room

While ensuring ultimate comfort one of the first things we need to look into is how to set up the room. There are a few factors to consider here.

Keep the Light Low

Many of us are light sleepers and need the perfect ambiance for sound sleep. It’s essential to ensure that the room is dim, lights are low and free from external light sources.

Use Natural and Cozy Materials

Soft and warm things in the bedroom are necessary for comfort. Things made of wicker, wool, linen, wood are generally softer to the touch, especially if they have rounded smooth edges. 

It’s a good idea to avoid large objects made of plastic and metal as they have a reflective quality, resulting in the room seeming hard and cold.

Choose the Right Paint Shade

The right shade of paint goes a long way to make the room welcoming and cozy. Lavender and Pale Yellow contribute in giving the room a light and airy feel.

The furniture also needs to compliment color shades so that the room doesn’t seem gaudy. Browns, beiges and low-tone greys will help give a more peaceful ambiance. You can also make your space look more luxurious with gold sheer curtains.  

Rugs must be Cozy

The first step we take in the morning lands on the rug beside the bed. Thus it makes sense to choose a rug which is soft and wooly.

Color plays a role here as well; we must choose a color that goes soothingly with the room color temperature. There are lots of scopes to be creative with the size, texture,and making of the rug.

Choose the Right Accessories for Lighting

It’s a good idea to do away with bright light fixtures. Either we can use dimmer lights or replace them with lamp shades.

A variety of shapes and sizes can be experimented with when it comes to lamps. Also where we place them in the room is also important. Low watt bulbs can be chosen to give the feel of coziness.

Get the Best Mattress

The room is never going to be cozy if the bed isn’t comfortable. So we need to buy the best mattress and ensure that it’s kept in good shape.

This can be done by covering it with a good water-proof cover. Rotating and flipping it will also ensure that it stays in good shape. Look for signs of waking up with aches and pain.That signals that the mattress needs to be changed.

Choose the Right Sheets

Nothing feels better than to be slipping into comfy sheets at the end of a tiring day. We must be sure to check the proper thread count and material. A down comforter or duvet is a must have to ensure total comfort.

A few extra blankets will add to the comfort in the winter months. The weight of the comforter needs to be perfect according to the climate.

Welcome the White Noise

When you are living beside a busy road or in a particularly noisy neighborhood it’s pretty common that the external noise will hamper your nap.Using heavy blackout curtains is the first step to combat this.

Some cases this simply won’t be enough, that’s when we need to use a device that will deal with all these nuances by using white noise. These machines are a Godsend when you want to fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

It always helps if we slip into something soft and comfortable when we hit the sack. Loose and warm clothes make us feel cozy and help fall asleep faster.

Soft laced pajamas and a well-trimmed chemise will add a more sophisticated feel to the whole bedtime experience.

Keep the Room Clutter-Free

Waking up in the morning to a pile of dirty unfolded clothes on the floor is definitely not a comfortable experience.

Of all the places in the house that needs to be clutter free, the bedroom comes first.Sokeep the clean clothes folded away and the dirty one in the laundry pile.

Keep it Simple

We need to keep in mind not to over-stuff the room with furniture. This will make clutter the room and take away from the relaxing ambiance.

It’s best to arrange the room with simpler elements, such as side tables, or wardrobes and maintain the airy feel.

Limit Technology in the Room

Laptops, TV set or other devices that emit light is a serious hamper to sound sleep. Not to mention the temptation they bring to watch late night TV shows or stay online on the internet. So it’s best to leave it outside the bedroom.

If you simply must have a TV in the room, be sure to cover it with a pretty piece of fabric, like a blanket. It will keep your eye off the temptation and also help in keeping the dust out.


The bedroom is your sanctuary from the harsh world, a place to unwind. So naturally,it shall be the most comfortable and relaxing place in the house. Follow the tips above to make sure it really does turn out to be that.

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