She Lined Up Cheap IKEA Bookshelves Along Her Walls, And It Looks Awesome When She’s Finished

The best reason why so many of you love IKEA’s designs is because of their simplicity to be hackable into array of many other things. And yes, you just need to be creative and think about how to use them in a different way.

Some people can be quite good at it, like Amy from the blog Eleven Magnolia Lane who took cheap IKEA bookshelves to make built-in shelves that look like there were created when the home was actually built.


She first got the shelves and then assemble all of them per their original instructions. She measured the length of the wall, subtracted the combined width of the four bookshelves from it and then divided that number by five to get how wide every gap needed to be.

If you choose to try this project in your home, then you may need to use different amount of shelves. This will depend on how wide the wall actually is.


Once the shelves were in place, Amy made a base for the shelves to rest on top of to make them look like they were built into the floor.


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