Programmatic advertising as the best model of mobile app monetization and how it works

If your iOS or Android app is not profitable, it means that you are doing something wrong. Most often the problem is the wrong monetization model chosen by the owners. For example, you use paid subscription or paid download models, but in 2022 it is hard to find a lot of users ready to pay real money for apps as there are always free alternatives. This tool is obviously not doing its best and you need a better working model of mobile app monetization. Let’s have a look at your options.

Programmatic advertising as a proven monetization model

The stats that are easily found all over the Internet will show you that the display advertising budgets in the USA and around the globe are constantly rising. It means that the advertisers consider showing their ads (videos, images, banners, etc.) on mobile devices to be beneficial to their businesses. Especially now, when there are such great tools as programmatic advertising platforms

What are those? They are fully automated services where the advertisers can buy the ad inventory they need. The ad placement is selected by the robot, with no human interference, and it is the robot that analyzes the audience from various suggested applications and chooses the one most efficient for the client. 

This way, app developers and owners have the opportunity to offer their products as the ad placement space. They only need to register at the supply side platform and set up the account, and that’s it, just check your balance regularly. If there are commercials that might be interesting to your audience, they will be shown within your app and you will get paid for that. 

Advantages of programmatic advertising

Here are some reasons why it is worth going for the app monetization (including games) with the help of programmatic advertising services:

  • The developer or the owner of a mobile application has the opportunity to keep the product free for the users and still make money at the advertisers’ expense. 
  • The ads look organic; they are naturally embedded into the interface and do not look redundant. Moreover, they are only shown to the users that might be interested in them. 
  • Advertising campaigns are easy to set up. You only need to determine the minimum price through the settings of your account which helps to filter smaller offers and work only with premium advertisers. 
  • Programmatic advertising means 99% of passive income with 1% of your efforts spent on the account and campaign setup. After you have finished with this, you only need to check your balance regularly.