HVAC Maintenance Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Unit

Keeping the inside of your home cool will become increasingly harder in the summer months. As temperatures across the United States start to heat up, most homeowners are running to their thermostats to increase the flow of cool air coming out of their return vents. During the summer months, the average HVAC unit will be pushed to the brink.

If the unit in your home hasn’t been properly maintained, running it more can lead to serious AC repairs in Peru arising. As a homeowner, you need to assess your current HVAC maintenance schedule to see if it is sufficient. Inexperienced homeowners tend to make certain HVAC maintenance mistakes that put their units in jeopardy. Here are some of these common mistakes and why avoiding them is crucial.

Failing to Check The Condensation Drain

Every year, consumers in the United States spend over $16 billion on new HVAC equipment. The average residential HVAC system has a variety of different components. One of the most commonly neglected components these systems have is the condensation drain. The main purpose of this drain is to remove the water your unit produces and take it out of your home. If this component stops working, you run the risk of water damage and mold.

One of the main reasons why condensation drains fail is due to clogs. If you want to stay one step ahead of this common problem, then you need to remember to inspect your condensation drain line regularly. If you notice that the end of this line looks like it is getting clogged, then you need to get a wet/dry vacuum to remove obstructions. By addressing this problem early on, you can avoid flooding the inside of your home.

Skipping Annual Tune-Ups

The average homeowner works extremely hard to save money. In some cases, a homeowner’s desire to save money can lead to bad decision being made. One of the main mistakes you need to avoid when attempting to save money is skipping annual HVAC tune-ups. While you will have to pay professionals to perform this routine maintenance, it is definitely worth the money. During an HVAC tune-up, a technician will inspect various HVAC components.

These inspections can help the technician pinpoint problems early on and fix them before significant damage is done. When trying to find professionals to perform a tune-up, be sure to consider the unit brands they typically service. Finding a technician that is familiar with your HVAC brand is crucial when trying to get a good tune-up.

Leaving a Clogged Air Filter In Place

One of the worst things you can do to a residential HVAC unit is to restrict its airflow. If air is unable to flow throughout this system, the unit in question will get overworked. When trying to keep air flowing inside of your HVAC system, you need to keep an eye on your air filter. Over time, an HVAC air filter will get clogged with dust, dirt and pollen. Not only is this bad for your HVAC unit, it can also negatively affect indoor air quality.

Consistently breathing in dust and other allergens can cause respiratory conditions. This is why changing your air filter once every two months or so is crucial. Choosing a high-quality replacement filter allows you to improve your indoor air quality. Reaching out to HVAC professionals is a good idea if you aren’t sure which replacement filter to purchase.

By avoiding the mistakes mentioned in this article, you can keep your HVAC unit running efficiently for years to come. Allowing professionals to help with your HVAC maintenance needs is crucial when trying to avoid costly mistakes.