How to Save For and Maintain the Car of Your Dreams

 The ability to purchase the car of your dreams without putting yourself in financial peril will take patience and discipline. You might need to reduce costs in other areas in your life if you have a 5-year plan to purchase the vehicle. Finding the right vehicle that is in perfect shape might take quite the search if you are a classic car aficionado. Maintaining the car also needs to be considered as some exotic cars can be extremely expensive to repair or even to get an appropriate oil change. You want to extend the lifetime of this car so make sure regular maintenance is done. Below are tips to help you save and maintain a car you have always imagined owning. 

Find a Source of Supplemental Income to Start Saving 

Finding a source of supplemental income that you can dedicate solely to your car fund is important. The car of your dreams likely is not going to be the most affordable car on the market. There are luxury vehicles that are affordable in today’s world and even options that eliminate the hassle of driving completely. The freelance market is alive and well with many companies offering remote jobs when previously they didn’t have this option. You can pick up a gig where you work a few hours a day that will really add up at the end of a year. Freelance writers that generate quite a few quality articles per day can make additional income in the range of some full-time jobs. Keep taxes in mind as many freelancers need to file their own taxes so you can do this quarterly or annually. 

Keep Maintenance and Upkeep Costs in Mind

There is a chance that if you purchase a classic car it might take weeks to repair due to the rarity of certain parts. An owner of this type of car likely will want original parts if possible, in order to keep the car as authentic as possible. Maintenance costs differ by car as certain interiors might require far more cleaning than others. You might also want to restore a car of your dreams but keep in mind original parts will cost far more than stock parts that fit the vehicle. Newer cars will come with warrantees from dealerships. Packages come with free oil changes and car washes depending on the package you purchase with the car. 

Consider How Much the Car will be Driven 

There is a chance that you want to drive your car around locally but have to drive long distances for work. A second car that gets great gas mileage and will not depreciate in value as much is a good option. Renting a car daily is done by a number of traveling salespeople that are reimbursed for meals and gas. Renting a hybrid for the week can allow the driver to pocket the daily money. For those that live close to where they work you need to consider the parking arrangements at your office. You do not want your car exposed to harsh conditions over the course of the day or damaged due to the elements. 

Find a Mechanic Your Trust to Help with Car Maintenance 

Finding a trustworthy mechanic that has worked on your type of car before is imperative. The right mechanic that you can trust to tell you which repairs can wait and which are important can save you thousands of dollars. Personal referrals are the perfect way to find a mechanic. A low-quality job done for a person referred can lose the mechanic multiple customers. Quality mechanics have loyal customers for decades as these customers could not imagine taking their vehicles elsewhere. 

Checking reviews online can be confusing as there are certain people that will be upset that replacing a major part is expensive. Look for those people in reviews that mention that they have come to a mechanic for years. This can truly give you a look at their dedication to the customer. 

What to do in Case of an Accident 

Being involved in an accident in a car you love is something that can occur. Cars can be replaced for the most part but if you are injured you need to seek compensation. You should not have to pay out of pocket for another driver’s negligence or lose out on wages from being unable to work. Speaking to a top San Diego injury lawyer like one of the many on staff at The Barnes Firm is imperative. You want to make sure you have the ability to receive appropriate compensation through working with experienced legal professionals. 

The purchase of your dream car is going to be an incredibly exciting process. Working towards something over the course of time and using discipline to save over the course of time. Maintaining your prized possession needs to be done proactively and for car fanatics, your dream car will be in good hands!