How to Keep Your Windows Looking Their Best

The appearance of your windows can make a huge impact on the overall effect your home has on visitors. After all, it is one of the first things they will notice when they walk up to your house. Therefore, it is important that they always look their best. Here are some great tips to make sure that your windows always show off your home to its best advantage. 

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Clean the Frames and Windowsills

You should clean all the parts of your window rather than just the glass. You don’t need to use expensive products; a solution of white vinegar and water will do the job well. Remember to clean the frames and windowsills to get rid of any dirt and clean each part of the window separately for the best effect.

Clean them at the Right Time

You should avoid cleaning your windows in the rain as they will get dirty again quickly and this will be a waste of time. However, you should also avoid cleaning them on a very sunny day as they will dry too quickly and leave streaks. The best time to clean your windows is a dry, cloudy day so check the weather forecast before you start.

Check Your Curtains and Blinds

There is no point going to all the effort of cleaning your windows if the blinds are dirty and the curtains are torn, so check these regularly. Curtains should be taken down and put in the washing machine every few months to make sure they stay fresh and clean. You can then carry out any repairs that are necessary before putting them back up. Blinds need to be cleaned by hand. White vinegar is good for this, or even a mixture of water and detergent. If they still look worn after they have been cleaned, it may be time to consider replacing them.

Open Your Windows

You should open your windows regularly, even when the weather is cold. As well as letting some fresh air into your home, you will also stop your windows from seizing up. Make sure you don’t forget to open the windows in rooms you don’t often use, such as your guest bedroom, as these areas are easy to overlook. Check your window for defects when you do this and make sure that it opens and shuts correctly and there is no condensation around the frame. 

Replace Your Windows

If you have cleaned and repaired your windows and they are still not looking their best, it might be time to consider replacing them. Advantage Construction’s window installation may be able to help you with this. You may decide to google some local companies and get the best quote as new windows can be expensive. However, you should expect to need to update your windows approximately every twenty years or so.

Follow these tips to keep your windows looking their best and stand out in your neighborhood for all the right reasons.