How to Decorate Your Kids’ Room to make it Look Fun and Comfortable

There should be two things in mind when decorating your children’s room, is it comfortable for them and does it look fun? Well, of course, their safety and comfort is your top priority rather than making it look elegant or beautiful. Next, it should be fun to encourage them to sleep in their own room as most children are so used to sleeping in their parent’s room because they are afraid to be alone. When they see how nice and fun-looking their bedroom is, they will be more open to the idea.

In this article, we will discuss some decorating tips for your children’s bedroom.

  • Let them have a say

Do not put your own fantasy or preference to your children’s room. Make sure to ask them about what they want. Kids often have their favourites like cartoon characters, athletes, superheroes or maybe they have a particular theme in mind like Disney princess, Marvel superheroes, sports theme, cars theme and others. Make sure to let them contribute ideas and include them in the planning stage. That way, they will feel more excited about their new bedroom.

  • Use wall decals

Peel and stick decals are a perfect way to decorate the walls of your children’s bedroom especially knowing that they can easily outgrow the design. They might like the idea of cute cartoon characters and animals now but when they became teenagers, they sure wish to change it. And since it’s peel and stick, it can easily be removed and changed.

  • Use open shelves

Children love to play and their love for toys is just undeniable. To easily manage the cluttered toys, it is best that you put plenty of open shelves in their room. This will be easier to manage and you can easily identify what goes where. It is also advisable that you teach your child to organise their toys and how important it is for them to put everything back in place after they use it.

  • Bunk beds

If two or more children are sharing bedrooms, then it is best to go for bunk beds. It is not only space-saver but it can be very stylish too and children just love it. This is indeed a popular idea in case you have limited space to work on. But of course, you should make sure to tell them the rules that they should not jump from the top bed down and no pushing around. Just to be safe, it is recommendable to put a safety bar rail on the top bed to ensure the child’s safety while sleeping.

  • Allot a space for a study table

Yes, they need their toys but once they grow older and they start schooling, they also need to focus on their homework so make sure to allot space for their study table and chair. This will help them study better compared to studying while lying in bed.

These are some tips to consider when decorating your children’s bedroom. Now, if you’re looking for a new house for the family, you should check out Lendlease housing communities near Brisbane. The community of Springfield Lakes for example is very ideal to raise young kids and offers customisable house and land packages to fit your own design choices and lifestyle.