How to Decorate Vacation Rental Properties

When you’ve got efficient vacation rental software and a good vacation rental calculator, it’s easy to feel like your business is fully set up. But, is it? 

The actual element which will generate income is the rental space or property itself. All the others mentioned above will only make running the business easy-peasy. So, spend some time getting the rental property ready for business. How can you do that? You can start by decorating the rental property. But also, do not forget to get a good vacation rental website template.

Here are a few tips to guide you when you’re decorating a vacation rental property. 

Invest in Good Lighting 

This seems like an unlikely tip to be on this list but, trust us, it’s very important. With better lighting, your guests can see how much work you’ve put into decorating. In addition to that, they don’t have to fumble around in the dark searching for stuff or trying to make their way to any part of the property. That way they’re less prone to accidents. 

So, fix bright lighting in places like the kitchen and bathrooms. Then you can alternate between bright and dull in the living areas, bedrooms and hallway. 

Let’s Play a Game Called Pretend 

Whether you’re a gamer or not we’re sure you’ll ace this game. Sit down and think about what features you’d be looking out for when renting a property. Do you think you’d like a bathroom for every bedroom? Is the extra space outside fit for a small garden or a small pool? Would you prefer modernized features? 

Answering these questions and several others you might think about will certainly help you make renter-friendly decisions. 

Use Sustainable Furniture and Furnishings 

The idea shouldn’t be to fill the house with perfect lacquered finishes but to go for furnishings that age well and create warmth. For example, you can fit the kitchen with stone counters treated with a suede finish. Also, you can use linen bed sheets over regular ones. 

Don’t Go Overboard. Stay Simple. 

It is usually very tempting to throw in a lot of furniture, decorative pieces like artworks, and other furnishings. Well, it is always best to resist that temptation as doing too much will not help your business. Most renters want a space that feels comfortable and when there’s too much going on in the property, getting comfortable becomes harder to do. 

Be Generous with Storage Space 

Not all renters travel light and even if they do, they’ll still need storage space for their belongings during their stay. Your guests will feel more at home when they don’t have to take their clothes out of their luggage every day. So, prioritize creating ample storage spaces for a premium guest experience. 

Now that all these are in place, go ahead and showcase the rental property’s updated features in your listing. You could use pictures or videos but let it be a clear view. That way intending renters might be motivated to make the decision to rent the property.