The home is a sanctuary for peace and relaxation, but since the pandemic, it has become a secondary workplace for many. This arrangement aims to reduce physical contact and mass gatherings that could lead to an increase in virus transmission. While it looks like working from home is here to stay, setting up a functional home office is a must. Here are 3 things to consider when creating an organized home office;

white and black round table near brown sofa
  1. OFFICE LAYOUT. The design of the office will be greatly influenced by your profession, however, the possibilities are endless. The basic setup consists of a home office would consist of ;
  • Computer
  • Extra monitor
  • Printer
  • good internet connection
  • Office table
  • Office chair

The wrong furniture arrangement for the home office can lead to a lot of pain and discomfort but choosing quality, ergonomic furniture can enable one to complete tasks more efficiently. To ensure quality, make sure to purchase from the latest furniture sources such as Hay Design, in specialized shops. Hay is a Danish brand that offers functional yet elegant everyday modern furniture accessible to all from furniture, lighting, and other home accessories. The best thing about Hay is their classic Scandinavian touch that makes the office feel elegant. Make sure that the size, shape, and height of your table and chair are proportional to each other. Be sure you have room for everything essential to the work within reach. If your work area is small, take advantage of vertical space by installing shelves for extra storage. When it comes to the internet connection, check on a modern setup that will allow for different plugs.

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  1. OFFICE DESIGN. Think about your style, needs, and space when planning for the design of the office. Contemplate the kind of environment that will keep you motivated to work hard and become productive. When selecting the location of the office, consider traffic, noise, and interruptions. For instance, you shall decide the office not to be so close to the door or near the bathroom where family members are bound to frequent. One doesn’t necessarily need a home designed for the home office, your kitchen counter or the guest bedroom will just do fine. Of most importance is to have the area be well-lit. Sitting near a natural source of light can dramatically improve productivity and one is less likely to experience computer vision syndrome of which the symptoms are eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision. People who have access to the sun absorb more vitamin D which amplifies their mood, sleep better without forgetting that it lowers the electric bill. You might need additional lighting fixtures for the darker hours of the day such as desk lamps that provide a soft glow and illuminate interesting designs.
  1. PERSONALISE THE SPACE. The great thing about a home office is designing a space you enjoy. A minimalist approach is recommended, however, feel free to accessorize with pieces such as art that you adore, framed inspirational quote, scented candles or a family portrait that encourage you to perform. A speaker would be a great addition to playing some relaxing background music that will help you focus. Theme your desk with interest and hobbies to make the area feel comfortable and engaging. Common house plants such as African Violet, Gerber Daisy, and Azalea can be added to the office to instantly liven up the space, add color and texture.