Expert Tips to Renovating Your Home – IRELAND BEST HOME RENOVATING TIPS

If you have lived at home for decades or just a few years, there will be a time when you will seriously think about making some changes or renovating your house. Maybe your family is growing up, and you need more space. Or the kids have left the nest, and you finally have room for yourself.

You may be considering future-proofing for your past years or just want to change something and want to do something different without leaving home.

Before starting the renovation, you must check if you got your house & content covered by home insurance or not.  Renovation and repair expenses don’t usually include in home insurance. But it covers the other miss-happening or accident which might happen during the renovation, i.e. accidentally causes a house fire or some other damage to your home.

Insurance is an important aspect to consider when you are renovating your home and there are even more benefits when you ensure your house with home insurance cover.  You get more benefits e.g., additional discount when you buy online, cover for your credit cards, family personal accident cover and more.


What other things you must consider before starting the renovation for your Home?

1)    Examine What You Already Have

If your budget is tight, you should reconfigure the existing living space before choosing a large garden extension. It does not necessarily have to extend. Open a pokey room to create a large open plan living space.

It is possible to create an extra sense of space with minor and inexpensive modifications. By felling the interior walls, an open floor flow create and a darker room can lend light from a lighted room. Replacing a small window with a full height glass panel provides a better relationship with the exterior, maximizing natural light and creating a feeling of more space.

2)    Hire An Architect

Here’s the glaring point for the architecture industry. I cannot stress enough how important it is to hire an architect from the beginning. For many, this seems to be an additional expense that can be avoided. People who try to save time always pay twice, both with their time and with their money.

By involving an architect at the beginning of a project, you can save money. They offer you different options and discuss with you the most economical design that best suits your needs.


3)    Manage Your Budget Accordingly

Does your budget reflect the amount of renovation required? Consider the opportunity to complete the renovation in stages, each of which should have priority, which is needed immediately. This is an extra space that is required urgently, or you can wait until you can concentrate on the main living areas of the house.

When you discover your needs and know what you cannot do, you can direct your decision-making process right from the start. If your budget is very tight, consider items that can easily be reused or changed later.

4)    Choose An Interior Style

Many peoples have decided to build/renovate/ expand and panic at the end of the build, focusing only on the key elements without really worrying about the interiors. At this point, I would advise you to think about past experiences and places that are at home or on the road and that you remember. For your main room, think of hotels or accommodations where you could have stayed during your vacation. Similarly, the hospitality in the dining rooms is a great source of inspiration to carry these spaces.

Are there cafés or restaurants where you like lighting or furniture? Do not feel limited to shops in your area. If you have a limited budget, there are countless online shops, both in Ireland and abroad, where you can get an excellent investment for your money on fantastic interior results.

5)    Think Bespoke

Before you buy an off-shelf display or an independent wardrobe, you should consider custom-made woodwork. Exercising a habit can be much more profitable than you think. If you want to set up a TV in an empty location, you should use a custom library designed by your architect to match the width and height perfectly. The bespoke items will make your home more comfortable to use and more aesthetic, and may also add value to the property in the future.

6)    Make An Awesome Bathroom

Bathrooms are the least experienced rooms in our homes. Here you can do something extreme in terms of color or tiles, without necessarily being bound to the rest of the interior of your house. Show off your personality with patterned tiles, colorful grout, palm wallpaper or a pendant over the bathtub for a more spectacular effect.