7 Fun Ideas for Themed Rooms and How to Pull Them Off

Themed rooms aren’t just for kids – if you’re subtle and classy about it, any room in your home can have a fun and interesting theme without being overbearing or cluttered. If you pick a theme that suits your personal style and flows well through your home, you can give any room a sense of flow and direction.

However, picking the right theme can be tough, and knowing what to include (and what not to include) is a tricky business. Here are 7 fun ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


You don’t have to be a fishing-obsessed man of the ocean to enjoy the nautical look (although if you are, this is probably right up your alley). Nautical themed rooms can be bold and sophisticated when done in the right way.

Navy blue and white, stark contrasting stripes, luxurious browns and subtle details – you don’t need a giant rusty anchor on your wall to pull off a nautical look. Think instead of classy touches like brass-studded upholstery, a boat clock on the mantlepiece, a map on the wall and other fine details.


The vintage look is an acquired taste, but for those who have a love for history and owning furniture that has a backstory, a vintage bedroom can showcase massive personality.

A key aspect to note about opting for vintage themed rooms in your home is that most (if not all) of what you purchase will be pre-loved. Depending on the pieces you’re looking for, this could either bring the prices down or hike them up considerably.

Hunt far and wide for your vintage pieces, try to hold true to a colour scheme and don’t be afraid to throw a little modern flair in the mix.


Some might think it outdated, but the classic farmhouse style is still well-loved by interior designers and homeowners everywhere. The rustic look can serve as a much-needed break away from our busy and chaotic modern lives.

The trick with the farmhouse look is to be subtle. Add in homey touches like big wooden islands in your kitchen, classy gingham detailing, exposed beams in your ceiling, open cabinetry, iron bed frames and lots of warm-toned accents. 

Beach House

Pretending that we live in a holiday house on the coast of Hawaii is how most of us would choose to survive the workweek. You can make your beach house dreams happen without appearing desperate and tacky, with breezy beach details

Try to capture the relaxing and laid-back vibes you get from lounging on the beach and transform your living space with that feeling. Avoid overdoing it by sticking with neutral colours like whites and light beiges, adding only touches of cool blues and greens here and there in the form of artwork, throw cushions and bits of décor.


Recreating a fairy tale in your home is a life goal for booklovers. However, finding the right balance is a key consideration when working with a nature-inspired theme. 

When it comes to a forest-themed room, focus on colours and feelings rather than symbols and trinkets. Deep dark browns and greens can create a luxurious feeling in your room, and using natural materials like unfinished wood will give you that woodsy feeling without going overboard.

Add tactful details like candles, pinecones and perhaps some lush indoor plants to finish the look.


Satisfying your inner animal lover when it comes to interior design is one of the more difficult feats to pull off. This is another case where subtlety is everything. Incorporate animals and nature into your room by using animal prints and realistic art pieces that show off their beauty. 

Create a wild or safari feeling by adding woven and wicker details in your furniture, sticking to neutral and natural colour palettes, and filling your room with big and bold indoor plants. 


Create a modern and playful theme in your room by using geometric shapes, creating a relaxed feeling and bringing order to your interior space.

A geometric theme is all about stark contrast, so don’t be said to mix and match patterns and colours that might feel mismatched. You could opt for bold tones or soft, neutral palettes. Similarly, you could go for harsh, sharp lines or a more fluid natural flow. The choices are endless in this modern style.


Whichever theme feels right to you will fit right into your home with a little time and energy. Research tips and ideas and make your space come alive in a way that really aligns with you.