5 Super Easy Ways to Style Your Coffee Table Like a Pro

All of those Instagram-perfect living rooms you swoon over have one thing in common – a stylish coffee table. The best part? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve a look you love. Here I’ve put together five ways to decorate your coffee table so that it looks beautiful while all of your items stay neat and easily accessible. So check them out and try it in your own home!

Place A Tray On The Table

Trays are very popular pieces for decorating because they are both stylish and helpful for organizing the rest of your coffee table decor. Plus, if you ever need to quickly clear space on the table, all you have to do is move the entire tray. (This is especially useful when it comes time to clean).

Tip: Choose a tray in a color and material that coordinates with something else in the room to make it look like it belongs there.

Photo via: shannoncraindesign.com
Photo via: klinteriors.com
Photo via: memorabledecor.com