The Unplugged Challenge: Why it’s Good for You

How often do you look at your phone? If it’s a lot, then you’re not alone. With so many messaging options, social media apps and 24/7 access to our emails, we’re constantly connected to our devices. 

Plus, when these devices just keep getting smarter, it’s perhaps unsurprising that we struggle to pry ourselves away and re-join the real world. But maybe it’s time to switch off and reconnect with those around us. Are you ready for the unplugged challenge? Here’s a look at some of the key benefits behind looking up from our phones once in a while. 

Talk more

When did you last have a conversation with someone? What did you talk about? The chances are you have longer chats over WhatsApp than you do with them in real life. If you would usually send a message to someone, try switching this for a phone call. Checking in and having a chat in this way can enhance your understanding of how the other person is and reinforce your relationship with them. 

Write something

Apart from the occasional birthday card, do you get to write much? If you have a moment to yourself, try writing down your thoughts. Maybe you have an email to send or you want to plan out your month on your calendar. By writing these using pen and paper, you can work out the message you’re trying to convey or easily switch between the dates. 

Calm down 

The impact of being connected all the time is that we can find it tricky to switch off. Our minds constantly buzz with the last thing we saw in our Twitter feed or the Instagram story we watched earlier. This can impact on our sleeping patterns and make it hard for us to focus. By turning the phone off for a while, we can find a moment of calm. 

A great time to try this is on your morning commute. If you usually scroll through your messages on the train journey from Stevenage to Luton, or you catch up on Facebook while on the bus, try turning everything off and looking outside the window. This should help to settle your mind. 

Let go of FOMO

If you spend a lot of time feeling like you’re missing out on nights out or day trips because you see friends uploading photos to their Instagram stories, perhaps it’s time to turn the phone off for a bit. Being left out is not a nice feeling, but by not seeing the things you’ve missed, you can focus on making arrangements with friends to catch up over the weekend. 

So, can you turn your tablet off and walk away from your mobile? Try to unplug and see what the world has to offer.