The Best Place to Donate a Used Mattress

You recently bought a new Mattress and willing to donate your old Mattress? Well, this is indeed a noble thought. You must have been wondering Where I can donate a Mattress instead of throwing it to trash? There is a well know saying that”one man’s Trash is another man’s Treasure” If your old mattress is still in reasonably good condition, it is wise to give it to someone who might really need it.

There are many options to donate your mattress to people in need. Many donation agencies pick up the mattress from your doorsteps hence it is an easy way to donate your Mattress. Helping someone will help you sleep better. There are so many unfortunate people who struggle to meet the regular needs of their life. Such donating organization are dedicated towards their mission to support poor people and help them live a happy life.

Here Are a Few Popular Places To Donate Your Old Mattress:

National Furniture Bank Association: This is one of the most popular Non-profit organization all over the USA and Canada. You can find your nearest NFBA center to donate your old Mattress. This organization helps Homeless people to build their own homes using the furniture and mattress collected in the donation. It is a genuine platform to contribute your donation in helping someone to build their dream house. There are many centers across all the US states. It accepts gently used Furniture, Mattress, and money too.

The Salvation Army: You can donate your old mattress to the Salvation Army. This is 58 years old organization that runs Charity shops and thrift stores all across the US. Free pick-up is offered to accept the Mattress and furniture donation. You can even drop your goods at the Salvation Army locations near to you. The only condition in accepting the mattress is that it should be in good shape and without any tear, burns, and other types of damage. You need to talk to your nearest Salvation Army office to know if they are willing to accept the donation and any other related questions.

Habitat for Humanity International: This is an international nonprofit organization helping the unfortunate people by providing them sustainable and affordable living accommodation. It accepts all type of gently used furniture, household goods and even Mattress that can be used. Reach your nearest HFHI restore facility to let them know that you are willing to donate your Mattress. They will guide you accordingly to drop the good at the preferred location. They also offer free pick-up services for big furniture. Some of the locations may not accept the Mattress donation because of the sanitary bedding law and hygienic concerns. Therefore it is better to make a complete inquiry before dropping the mattress.

Goodwill: Charity does not always mean to donate the goods and money, at Goodwill they train people to get good jobs and offers them a placement service. Isn’t it amazing? Instead of helping them once, making them capable of helping themselves. Indeed Goodwill is one of a kind Charity Organization. It operates from more than 3200 donation centers to accept donations and help more people in need. The mattress is not accepted at all the locations but Mattress pads, bed-frames, bedding, and linens are most welcomed.

These are popular organizations collecting the donations across the US helping the poor and needy people. You can contact any of these centers nearer to your locations. If you don’t find any nearby centers, you can directly give it to homeless people.

Also other than this there a few more local state organization supporting in the cause such as The Hope Clinic, Donation Town, and many more. To learn more on the Mattress disposal tips, Donation option near you, and Mattress reviews, go to This website is expert in suggesting the best mattress for every need.