She Builds A Wooden Drawer Organizer And Now All Her Kitchen Utensils Are Organized

When it comes to organizing your kitchen utensils, it seems that drawers are the perfect storage solution. But if they don’t have a drawer organizer, they can easily get messed and you may not find the right utensil you need.

So, one option is to buy one such organizer or maybe even a new drawer. Or you can go for a cheaper alternative and make a wooden drawer organizer. Here is a list of the materials that you will need for this easy DIY project:

  • unfinished poplar boards(2.5″ x 1/8)
  • Loctite super glue
  • measuring tape
  • handsaw
  • square tool
  • pencil

Start by clearing the drawer and then organizing the items by type, so that you can set clear spaces of where the dividers should be.


Measure the invisible compartments, starting with the largest item in the compartment and also adding some extra space. Cut the wood with a handsaw. Then bring the pieces back to the drawer and dry fit everything to see if it fits. On the places where boards intersect, put the Loctite glue.

Put the organizer into the drawer and glue it to drawer sides. And viola!

Your utensils are now organized thanks to this amazing drawer organizer.

drawer organizer
Find more details about this wonderful DIY project, here and do not hesitate to try it too.