Muriel quit smoking with vape

Muriel was the heart of her neighbourhood. Everyone loved her and she loved everyone. She used to sit on her porch and watch the children of her neighbors play around in glee. Mrs. McDonald, the lady next door used to bring her some cookies while Muriel would continue knitting socks for the winter. Muriel was the kindest person in the community and she was adored by everyone. What everyone who knew her was worried about was her smoking habit. The fact the Muriel was a pack a day smoker concerned all of her neighbors about her health. Since she was living alone, they believed that smoking so many cigarettes in one day could really affect her health.

One fine sunny winter day, everyone was out on their porch, watching their children play, some reading books, some preparing for barbecue and some just soaking up in the sun. Everyone except Muriel was taking the full advantage of the sunny day that was so rare during the winter season. Although hours passed the time Muriel usually came outside every day, she was not seen on her porch, neither was her dog, Alfie. Mrs. McDonald and others were extremely worried and for and knocked the door to her house. There was no answer even after several knocks. Mrs. McDonald knew that Muriel was hard of hearing, but she also knew that she would have surely listened to these many knocks. She summoned her husband, who then went inside the house through the kitchen window. After opening the door, they found that Muriel was sleeping peacefully on her couch.

“Muriel! Muriel!!”, Mrs. McDonald shouted.

“Oh! Dear. What’s wrong?” Muriel panicked.

“You scared us. What’s happened? Are you okay?” Mr. McDonald spoke in a loud voice.

“Oh, I’m fine now. But last time I couldn’t sleep at all because I had those attacks like I had before when I couldn’t breathe at all.” Muriel sighed.

“Oh! I’ve been asking you to quit that awful habit of smoking, Muriel. I wish you’d listen to me.” Mrs. McDonald was tired of repeating the same thing to her over and over again.

“I wish I could quit but I can’t seem to. My late husband never liked my smoking habit. Only if I could completely leave this thing.”

Muriel wasn’t too pleased with her habit either but the last time she tried quitting cigarettes, she was even more craving for it. so she decided she’d carry on with this habit until her last moment because she simply couldn’t seem to quit it.

“I have an excellent option for you to help quit smoking. I’ve tried to myself and I promise you, Muriel, this is the best thing that you’d do to your body and health.” Mr. McDonald exclaimed with joy.

“What is it, dear? I hope you’re not trying to kill me.” Muriel laughed and everyone laughed with her.

“Oh! It’s called vape and it is the most useful tool in helping smokers like you and myself completely leave the habit. It has not only helped me cope with smoking but also increased my fitness. I am no longer out of my breath and have less trouble sleeping. And more importantly I have more money in my pocket even after buying vape gear and liquids than I used to have when I smoked.”

“Vape? I’ve never heard of it. But if it is helpful then I’d undoubtedly try it.”

“Great! John can lend you his vape for your first try, Muriel and then we can go buy vape for you together this weekend.” Mrs. McDonald was overjoyed.

John rushed to his house and fetch vape kit for Muriel. Everyone was pleased that Muriel would now attempt to quit smoking and leave the habit.