Lighting tips for reading

Bright lights can have a negative impact on your concentration when reading. Knowing how to choose the right lamp and light intensity allows you to have a more pleasant time reading.
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Did you know that light can influence the focus and even your reading performance? So if you like to read before going to sleep or if books play an important role in your life, it is good to know important aspects about the best lighting for reading.

If you want to make that reading corner more comfortable, it is worth checking out the tips we have selected below on how to choose the best table lamp. Being aware of how to choose the right lamp and the light intensity, allows you to dedicate yourself to reading with more enthusiasm.

How to choose the best light?

Taking advantage of natural light to read a good novel or even to study is ideal as far as visual comfort is concerned. However, depending on the time available to perform these activities, or even the weather conditions, it is almost impossible not to use artificial light to improve the light for reading.

The light source cannot be too strong or too weak. If it’s too soft, you’ll have to strain your eyesight to see, and this will make you feel tired. If the light is too strong, you will not be able to focus on reading, and this will also tire your eyes and take away your desire to read. So, ideally, the lighting should be medium intensity but direct. In this case, a floor or a table lamp are great options.
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In bedrooms, if you don’t have space for a bedside table, you can use wall lights above the headboard. Even if the light isn’t directional, the effect produced will make the lighting perfect for reading.

Another lighting option is a floor lamp, which is decorative and suitable for reading. A good style tip is to match your floor lamp with an armchair. Table lamps also have the same function but need to be on top of a desk or side table to reach the height you need. Table lamps can also be placed on office desks.

Ensure that you place the light about 50cm away from the book. It is helpful to consider adjustable lights and articulating lamps.

The right light bulb

When considering which light bulbs to purchase, consider models that don’t get too hot, otherwise, you will not be able to read for a long time. Therefore, incandescent and halogen lamps are not suitable for reading. LEDs and fluorescents, on the other hand, are perfect because they don’t heat up, last longer and have the benefit of being more cost-effective. 

LED lamps are increasingly present in home designs, as they are environmentally friendly, durable and efficient, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors. LED lights are more durable, hence becoming the best lighting option for many.